View Full Version : Garth was on Fox South last night

03-20-1999, 01:56 AM
I missed all but the last 5 minutes of the interview.He was in uniform ,all sexy,oh man.I wish that I had seen the whole thing.We were watching the discovery channel and just happen to channel flip and saw him.Sorry guys.N

03-20-1999, 04:20 PM
I had posted a link in the GarthBall '99 Forum about a 7 minute audio/video clip at the foxsports site. This might be the same thing you caught the end of. Although it didn't come in too clearly for me, what I did see and hear was great! The link to access the audio/video clip is <A HREF="http://foxsports.com/media/re0317garth.sml" TARGET=_blank>http://foxsports.com/media/re0317garth.sml</A> , and you may need to download Windows Media Player in order to get it to work.<P>Paula<BR>N

03-20-1999, 05:52 PM
Paula,<P>Caught a bit of that the other day. If it is the same thing. I saw it on a sport channel on satelite dish. Just flipping through and there he was. I beleive it was on Foxsports "Rewind" show.(that is what I was watching) I saw the link on Foxsport but couldn't get it to work. Thanks for the info. Did they have people singing to his music at the end? Just wondering if it was the same thing?<P>Country@HeartN

03-20-1999, 06:47 PM
<b>Country@Heart</b>,<P>I have never seen the Rewind show, but I did see that word at the beginning of the clip. There wasn't anyone singing to his music at the end of this clip. There were concert clips intertwined with the interview.<P>PaulaN

03-21-1999, 02:27 AM
That's it.It was fox rewind.Yes those people were singing at the end.I wish that I had seen it all.It looked like it was a great interview.He seemed so relaxed.Oh well maybe they will rerun it sometime. :oN