View Full Version : Garth and the SODs.....

02-26-1999, 06:02 PM
Hey, I dont know if anyone else watches soaps and saw the Soap Opera Awards tonite, but when they were showing the nominees for "Best Friendship", they played "A Friend to Me" and they showed the audience in the back going nuts!! I thought that was "very cool" for two reasons...Garth didn't release that song, so it was surprising they used it, and two, Garth got as much applause as the actors and actresses, and he wasn't even there!! There were only two country singers there, Bryan White and Barbara Mandrell. No offense to Barbs or Bryan, but I believe Garth's applause topped theirs, too :)N

02-26-1999, 06:06 PM
I was watching for only a little while. I missed it. Shucks :(N

02-26-1999, 06:07 PM
<b>WOW</b>! :) <b>VERY</b> <b>COOL</b> :)<P>GARTH IS EVERYWHERE :)N