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02-24-1999, 04:31 AM
Garth and Trisha are always on every program together mannnnnn..<P>I personally do not mind Trisha but it seems Garth can never do anything nor go anywhere without trisha there..<P>on jay leno once she was there<BR>on crook and chase she was there<BR>on his specials she is there<BR>when he does guest spots she is there<BR>when on hollywood squares she is there <BR>tour concert, etc lolol<P>wonder what sandy says ?? Why does not trisha tour with her hubby with his group or do a duet with her hubby and his group???<P>it is always trisha trisha trisha (lol marsha marsha marsha get it? brady bunch)<P>just wondering, it makes one think mmmmm whats up with that???????<P>diana 123-abcN

02-24-1999, 07:22 AM
I always wondered that too. Her husband has a group, how come she never did a duet with them? Everytime he is anywhere, just turn around and Trisha is there too. It's like she has to be wherever he is. Will she show up at spring training too???? N

02-24-1999, 08:55 AM
I agree with you guys. I really hate the way she is always around. I know for one thing though, whoever wins the Garth concert in their backyard better not invite Trisha - just all of us PGers!!!<P>By the way did you guys hear that Garth bought Trisha a brand new truck when her record label honored her at a party. GEEEEEZZZZZZ<P>Garth Rules!!!! " DO What You Gotta DO" - ToniN

02-24-1999, 10:27 AM
I have also been wondering why Trisha follows Garth everywhere. I used to like Trisha a lot...Now I'm getting kind of sick of her. Hmmm...Maybe someone should suggest to her that she does a duet with her husband and his group. Not many couples are both famous singers. Why not be with your hubby instead of going everywhere Garth goes??? N

Teddi Jo
02-24-1999, 12:22 PM
Diana,<P>Hey now we really are thinking alike :) and look, you're even getting people to read your posts *LOL*<P>I have wondered the same thing. I'm starting to feel like maybe you really <i>can </i> have too much of a good thing...N

02-24-1999, 12:59 PM
Ok, for one thing that I am very sure is that <b>Trisha and Garth</b> are very good friends. I don't know why she is always around Garth, but I think during this year-off Trisha is gonna be a more individual than sticking around with Garth. I heard Trisha saying that she is gonna to tour on her own and she is extremely happy to have a chance to be Garth's special guest. Honestly, I think they sing well together :) However, if there were 45 minutes for Trisha herself, I rather to have full 3 hour of Garth, and she could just come out to sing a one or two duets... <P>Aren't guys looking forward for their duet album? I can't wait any longer for the CD..<P>Tommy<BR>N

02-24-1999, 01:00 PM
You know what I think? I bet that Trisha will not be hanging around Garth anymore for this year anyway. I know she was just on HS and Donny and Marie. But remember, these two shows were taped back in Dec. when they still had a few dates to play. The Donny show yesterday wasn't a repeat, but their performance was taped the first time. Trisha has stated that she is planning to release a new studio cd and is looking forward to touring BY HERSELF. That is one of the main reasons the duet cd is on hold til next year. <BR>Believe me, Trish is gonna do her own thing, I'm sure. She said the last 2 years she was on tour with Garth was amazing, but she is ready for a lower key show by herself, and spending more time with her hubby. Doesn't sound like she will be anywhere near Garth unless they go to CMAs or ACM' or whatever music award shows they have. The reason Garth gave Trisha a pick up truck was to congratulate her on her many gold and platinum sales and also he heard that hers recently broke down. He gave her the keys in a friendship ball that he received from Vince Gill. They are very good friends, and that is such a Garthy gesture and just re-affirms our belief that Garth is a generous and caring person. Sandy is no dummy, if she ever thought anything was going on, or in any way felt threatened by Trish...well she's pretty smart, she'd handle it. All four of them probably laugh at all the innuendos and rumors ppl say cause he spends so much time with Trish, wears rings or not, whether Sandy was smiling or not, etc. Lets just please stop all this speculation...and wondering.<P>Sorry, just had to put my 2 cents in..<BR>have a great day, all<BR>Ellie :)<P><BR>P.S. please don't anyone take any offense, absolutely none intended. :)N

02-24-1999, 02:19 PM
I have posted this same thing numerous times :( and have to still say I am real tired of <b>TRISHA</b> being everywhere that <b>GARTH</b> is lately :( I know that they have this Duet Album coming out but <b>Enough is Enough</b> there are alot of country singers that do Duets together but you don't see them always together just because they sang together.<P>OH well not much we can do about it though :( we must go on.<P>Take Care<BR>Sue :)N

02-24-1999, 03:27 PM
Teddi JO yeah you are right finally huh giggle.<P>the duets couples is right i agree, many a stars have done duets but they are not at each other concerts showing up on tour. <P>and when sandy is not there man there is trisha come on geez,. no wonder sandy is all over now. bet you trisha will show up at spring training i bet you!!!!<P>and guess what i just hear on our country radio station <P>GARTH TOUR 2000 WITH SPECIAL GUEST <BR>TRISH YEARWOOD nooooo tell me no <P>man i heard that and about flipped . get another person garth ( no offense ) why not some no name give some else a try. let Trisha fall on her face oppps if she can not stand on her own. Yup that is what they said TRISHA AND GARTH tour year 2000 geeeez i pray she is not there oppps lolol<P>no meaness is meant by this but as some one said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH :-& (angry face &lt;--) giggle<P>diana N

02-24-1999, 04:15 PM
AMEN!!!!!<P>i am so sick of seeing Trisha,I used to be a fan of hers but give me a break,go away!!!!!<P>But we also have to blame Garth,he's the one that shows up at her concerts unannounced,he also showed up at a promo signing at the mall she had.She didn't even know he was there until she was walking through the crowd and someone grabbed her and it was him.<P>But really enough is enough.And if this duet album is going to be anything like the duets that they have already released,except WILD AS THE WIND, where she does all the singing and all he does is backup and chorus.I don't want it.<P>Also why did he buy her another truck when he just gave her one for her birthday in September?N

02-24-1999, 04:21 PM
i totally agree...i want to hear garth..and i just hear trisha with a tiny bit of garth backing up...it reaally annoys me!! i am so sick of seeing her attached to his backside!!!! :) can we EVER have garth ALONE??????????????N

02-24-1999, 05:09 PM
Trisha is a great talent, and certainly very sucessful in her own right. She and Garth are long-time friends, nothing more. He has said that he has a great deal of respect for her, and feels that if it wasn't for Trisha, Sevens may have never seen the light of day. She appears with him because he invites her, not because she is following him around. I for one can't wait to hear/see them singing together again next year. I agree with Ellie's points.....and like her, no offense is meant, just adding my 2 cents.N

02-24-1999, 05:21 PM
I think Trisha Yearwod is a great singer. I think Garth has been helping out a friend. They are good buddies. She was not getting the recognition that she deserved and he helped her out a little bit. Garth invited her to tour with him, she just didn't show up. I am sure they both did the television appeareances, like HOLLYWOOD SQUARES, and stuff because they thought it was fun to do them together because they are good friends, I mean I would rather go on with a good buddy, who you know you can joke around with and stuff. Garth pobally didn't mind one bit, I am sure if he did or if him spending that time with her caused any kind of problems they would have stop touring together and making appeareances together. Trisha said something like her and Garth won't be making any or many public appeareances hardly this year because of the heavy touring she did with Garth, that is why they delayed the duet album till spring 2000, so it will be kinda fresh to us to hear them sing again. I am sure since they are good friends they see other, they help each other out, that is what a friend is. :)<P>Don't get mad, I just think Trisha is a great singer, and Garth helped her out a little, she deserved it. :)N

02-25-1999, 07:43 AM
I can't believe some of you can be so malicious! Garth and Trisha have been friends and singing partners since before they both had record contracts. They are both great artists in their own rights and they have helped each other out over the years. <P>As for why Trisha doesn't do a duet with the Mavericks, you can't just throw any two voices together and have them work. Garth and Trisha harmonize very well together! <P>Regarding the comments about other duet partners not spending so much time together, how many of them have been friends before they were famous artists?<P>Don't any of you have really good friends of the opposite sex who you like doing things with, especially fun stuff? I know when I get free passes places like to Shuttle launches, my friends always want to come along as do I when they get to do neat stuff! Garth and Trisha have opportunities we don't get, like appearing on TV, but I think it's great they have been able to continue their friendship after so many years. Some artists would be at each other's throats after so much time on the road!<P>Coming down off my soapbox...N

02-25-1999, 02:43 PM
Hey Reba/Brooks & Dunn have toured together for the past two years and they don't get all this stuff back at them(probably because there are 2 men and 1 woman).Trisha and Garth have been doing backup on each others albums since the beginning and I think they have stepped up their singing compatability a notch by both being seen instead of just heard.I have also read where Trisha is looking forward to touring on her own again in a more intimate setting.<P>BTW: I saw Clint Black and Wynona tour together in support of their duet a few years ago and it looks like Lorrie Morgan and Sammy Kershaw are heading that direction also.N

02-25-1999, 05:51 PM
In regards to Garth and Trisha doing so much together. I think, first of all, they are very good friends and Garth doesn't seem to be that comfortable with too many people in the industry, so it is a comfortable fit for him.<BR>Secondly, I think they see themselves becoming one of the great country (or any kind of music) tandems in music history. Very much in the same way as Conway and Loretta, and George and Tammy, Garth sees "Garth and Trisha" being added to that list. As we all know, Garth is very competitive, and he wants to be the best at everything that the people before him had been great at. I think both of them view each other as great pathways to take them both to the top. By no means do I think Trisha is hanging on Garth's coattails, she has done enough for herself that she doesn't need Garth to keep her around. However, I do believe Trisha used Garth's energy in shows, etc. to improve her own product. She seems so much more comfortable on stage now after the Garth tour. I know they are together a lot now, but I think the two of them want the public to think of their names together, so when the duet album goes out, it will be an even bigger success.N

02-26-1999, 09:08 AM
You know...I love Garth and Trisha's duets together, and I'm really glad to see him helping a friend.<P>But I heard a rumor (and I very well could be and probably am wrong...) but someone had told me that Trisha was the one he had the affair with years ago when he cheated on Sandy.<P>I've only been a fan of Garths for about 5 years now (not since the begining like most of you...) and a lot of people I know don't think it's the cool thing to like country or Garth so I'm sure they would say just about anything....so please feel free to tell me I'm wrong...I really don't know for sure.<P>Love that Garth Man!!<BR>GarthBrooksFan73N

02-26-1999, 11:10 AM
Personally I like seeing Garth and Trisha perform together, their friendship comes through, and how comfortable they are to-<BR>gether. I saw my first concert ever this past summer and I got to see Trisha and Garth for the price of Garth's concert, How cool is that? I think this album is something that Garth wants. I kinda agree with <b>mlombo</b>.<BR>Most of the shows they have done together have had mostly Garth, and then Trisha only to sing. Really what's the big hairy deal.<BR>djN

02-26-1999, 01:22 PM
Garth said that the people he slept with were fans,and he slept with more than one.<P>He also said the one that was a friend,is no longer his friend.That their friendship couldn't survive the affair.So it couldn't have been Trisha.I heard and this is only a rumor that it was Martina McBride,and if you notice they don't hang around together anymore.N

02-26-1999, 01:45 PM
Oh geez, here we go again with the rediculous "who did Garth sleep with" nonsence. It was a long time ago, Garth and Sandy have moved on, so leave it alone. Does it really matter who it was???? He has said it was with someone who was a friend at the time, and that he then lost the friendship. Martina McBride???? LOL, that is really funny considering that her husband, John McBride, is Garth's road manager!!! I dont think that these forums should be used to help spread these crazy rumors. It happened a long time ago, Garth admitted it, made ammends the best way he could, and he and Sandy worked thru it. It's done and over with, let's not keep digging it back up.N

02-26-1999, 02:26 PM
I happen to think Garth and Trisha are great together. I know for a fact that the reason that they are together so much is he has been trying to get her the recognition that she deserves. He figured that if she opened in front of thousands of people and did other shows with him that she would get out to the people and help boost her career. I think it was a very honorable thing to do for a good friend. I would love to see her open for his concerts again. I think maybe he should have two opening acts before he takes stage, but hey it's his show he can do whatever he wants. I think you will see a differen't opening act for another tour. Alot of people in the country music business don't like Garth or respect him that much because he came in and stole the show from them, so it is hard for him to find people to work with him that he feels comfortable with. I think that is why he is closer to his fans than other artists. This is too long, so I am going to shut up now.N

02-26-1999, 05:56 PM
Here is my $0.02 cents worth :) .........<BR>I think Trisha is one of the best female country singers out there right now. She is a very nice lady, and extremely talented. But I too, am just a tad tired of seeing her and Garth together all the time. Please don't get me wrong, they did an awesome job when I saw them in concert, and the audience really liked Trisha a lot :) But I would like to see Garth have someone else open up the show, someone I have not seen in concert maybe? I think it would be so great if Garth and Chris LeDoux toured together!! If Garth and Trisha do tour together next year again, Trisha will be totally contradicting herself anyway. In CW, she said she wanted to do small places because she likes small audiences best, which is NOT what she will get if she goes back on the road with Garth. Plus, the duet album will not be anything special if we see them together all the time in 2000...I for one would like to see Trisha singing with her own husband, just to hear what they sound like together...<BR>Wouldn't it be cool if Sandy sang??N

Teddi Jo
02-27-1999, 06:38 AM
I don't say that I mind it so much, just like I said I'm starting to feel like we're getting too much of a good thing. <P>I love Trisha Yearwood and have all of her albums and I enjoy the duets. But I also like her music in her own right and would like to see more of her alone.<P>As for Garth helping her out - he doesn't have to. Let's not forget she did win female vocalist of the year last year and I don't think that had anything to do with Garth. I don't think a duet with the Mavericks could work, their music styles are so different.<P>Just a little more of my opinion on the issue.N

02-28-1999, 10:09 AM
Trisha has had Raul Malo (lead singer for the Mavericks) do backup vocals on many of her albums. Her husband, Robert, is not really a lead-type vocalist, so you won't hear him on any upcoming Trisha songs. <P>I think she has been hesitant to do duets with other artists because Garth has been pushing this duet album. I really think he wants this more than her. She wants to release another album by herself before the duet album is released, plus Garth has 2 other projects this year. N

03-01-1999, 11:47 AM
Okay, here goes, I'll probably sound like a replay of what everyone else has said, but I feel very strongly about this, so...<P>I, for one, CAN'T WAIT to see Trisha in concert again!! And, since I don't get to go to many concerts, I'm hoping and praying that Trisha IS opening for Garth on his next tour!! Ever since I saw Garth (for the first time) and Trisha in College Station, TX, back in November, I have been dying to see both of them, together, again. I can't think of anyone else that I would rather see open for him. It was an awesome three nights!! Since then, I have bought several of Trisha's albums and have grown to love her music even more than I did before. As for all of their TV appearances together, once I got past the silly rumors, I've have really enjoyed them. Where else could we have heard Garth sing 'Walk Away Joe' and 'Powerful Thing' with Trisha? In concert! And, I don't believe, for one single second, that Trisha showed up anywhere without Garth knowing about it ahead of time and/or totally approving of her being there with him. I think he's happy to have her with him, that they are just good friends, and that's it. And, as the old saying goes 'any friend of Garth's is a friend of mine!'<P>Stepping down from the soapbox, next?!N