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02-20-1999, 09:10 PM
I just read Garth will be on Donnie and Marie on Tuesday - 9am on east coast - Fox.(w/Trisha) Is this a repeat??? N

02-21-1999, 11:24 AM
I think it is, might not be though. They were both on the last time and said they would go back when the DUET album was ready. The DUET album has been delayed until spring 2000, so I don't think it is a new one, but it might be. :)N

02-21-1999, 04:46 PM
HMMMMMMMMM I wonder if it is a new show or a repeat?? If anyone finds out please let us know :)<P>I will watch just incase :)<P>Take Care<BR>Sue :)N

02-21-1999, 06:01 PM
I heard by someone who was at the December show that they taped the February show immediately after the first one. Don't know if it will actually air because of the duet thing, but be sure to check out their clothes--they're all wearing the same outfits as the December show!! Should be interesting!N

02-21-1999, 07:25 PM
Hey, if the show is not a repeat, please tape it!! I would love to have a copy of the show. I think the female host really likes Garth! You can tell in her eyes..lol<P>TommyN

02-22-1999, 04:43 AM
Yup, I just saw an ad for tomorrow's (Tuesday's) Donny & Marie which featured Garth & Trisha singing Wild as the Wind! Get those vcr's ready!N

02-22-1999, 07:47 AM
<b>Flo</b>,<P>Oh god, then the show is not a repeat :o WOW, that's cool!! I will get my VCR ready..<P>Thanks for the info ^_^<P>TommyN

02-22-1999, 10:24 AM
Thanks for the update Flo! :) Can't wait to see them sing Wild as the Wind again!N

02-23-1999, 02:25 PM
I loved today's show! Garth is always so down-to-earth...whenever anyone makes a comment about how great he is (like that one guy who said his friend who graduated w/Garth loves him because he hasn't changed), he just acts like he can't believe that people speak so highly of him! LOL, did you all notice the way Marie (the co-host lady) kept grabbing his arm or putting her arm around him? I think that she may be another one of those people who has fallen under his spell.... :)N

02-23-1999, 02:58 PM
I also loved seeing Garth on Donnie and Marie today :) but it wasn't long enough :( I wish he would have been on for the full hour again . Oh well can't have everything I guess :)<P>Take Care<BR>Sue :)N

02-27-1999, 02:10 PM
<b>BigGfan4life</b>,<P>Oh absolutely :D Marie (the co-host lady) obviously falls in love with Garth :o Her eyes can't hide away her TRUE feelings.. <P>TommyN

03-03-1999, 02:38 PM
Am I the only one old enough to remember Donny & Marie (the co-host lady)?!!!! They had a great show in the 70s. I agree that she has fallen under Garth's spell. It's hard not to.N

03-03-1999, 02:55 PM
No! You're not the only one to remember Donny and Marie. She's a Little Bit Country...He's a Little Bit Rock n' Roll! I remember the Osmonds, too. My age is showing! LOL<P>JulieN

03-10-1999, 02:58 AM
I remember Donny & Marie from the 70's! I even had the Donny & Marie dolls..Ha Ha<BR>They had the purple outfits on and the microphones in their hands! Oh boy!!! ;)<BR>Hey, I missed the show, Donny & Marie aren't on in my area any more! :( Oh well, I saw Garth the first time he was on the show, that's good enough!!!!N

03-10-1999, 10:46 AM
The 2nd show wasn't as good as the 1st because he wasn't on for very long. Garth & Trisha sang "Wild as the Wind".<P> My brother & I had Donny & Marie t-shirts. I hope I had Donny & he had Marie but I can't remember!!!N

03-14-1999, 04:26 PM
I had those dolls!<BR>those purple outfits were so wild! and of course Donnie's purple socks!N

03-28-1999, 03:29 PM
Hi to all of you!<P>I have just found this PG link and it is really good, you all sound like nice folks. Would anyone like to writ to me ? I am almost 50 F married with a grown family I love Garth and have seen him a few times here in the UK and Ireland. I would be grateful for any new info on Garth as people here don"t recognise his talents like you do in the USA. Can anyone tell me where I can find documented info about how many albums Garth has sold over the years and also how he has outsold stars like Madonna and Michael Jackson? The info is to settle a bet with a non-Garth Believer<P>Thanks a lot<P>HelenN

03-29-1999, 08:42 AM
Helen;<P> Hi, very nice to hear from you, <BR>welcome<BR>to PG. Any and all info. regarding our friend<BR>Mr. Garth can be found here just as soon as<BR>a PG'er learns about it. This is indeed the<BR>best place to be.<P> Lonesome.N

03-29-1999, 08:46 AM
Helen;<P><BR> P.S. I would love to write to you, do<BR>you wish to write only in PG or do you<BR>want to use E-mail?. <P>Lonesome.N

03-30-1999, 07:10 AM
Helen--<P>Welcome to PG!! Yes you will meet many very nice people here!<P>Enjoy your visit-- and please don't leave- stay around and talk to us!<P>Peggy :)<BR>N

03-30-1999, 08:39 AM
<b>Helen</b>,<P>I already sent you an email 2 days ago, I hope you received it :)<P>TommyN