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01-24-1999, 03:37 PM
Hey I really love a copy of Garth's television special THIS IS GARTH BROOKS TOO. If you can help me email me at kristen166@aol.com<p> Thank you very much,<br> Kristen BuehlerN

01-24-1999, 03:39 PM
I forgot to say that I will pay for the postage and the tape or whatever it cost.<p><br> Thank You, <br> KristenN

01-24-1999, 03:52 PM
Kristen,<p>I know Teddi Jo has a copy (Now I think It is Garth too)If it is she set out to get it for me but I haven't been able to get it just yet :( but If you want it just e-mail her and I'm sure she will send it your way :)<p>Hope this helps<br>Sue :)<br>P.S. Do you have ICQ Kristen??N

01-24-1999, 03:55 PM
Sue, I do not have icq, but what is it, I am kinda new at this stuff.<p> thanks N

01-24-1999, 04:06 PM
Kristen ICQ is mainly a chat :) You have to download it and when you have it downloaded you have a little screen that is displayed on your desktop and you can see who is on-line or off-line and if someone you want to ask a question to or just chat with you can do that It's actually alot of fun :)Like if you had it and we exchanged ICQ numbers we could chat on-line but still do anything else on-line to like be here in PG or wherever!! :)<p>Do you understand what I mean??<br>Jaredev posted the address for ICQ to download in the Main Forum I think it's under the topic"A better way to talk one on one"<br>Check it out :) don't worry it is very safe to download to.<br>I will check back here soon to see if you understand what I am trying to say :)<p>SueN

01-24-1999, 04:20 PM
Kristen I went ahead and brought up the topic on talking one on one in the main Forum for you go ahead and check it out :)<p>SueN

01-24-1999, 04:42 PM
Kristen,<br>The address for ICQ to download is:<p>http://www.icq.com<p>Go ahead you will love it :)<p>SueN

01-24-1999, 04:53 PM
Thanks :) :)<br> N

01-25-1999, 01:17 PM
For Kristin and anyone else - I do have TIGB Too as well as many other GB TV appearances on tape. I am more than willing to make people copies of any and all shows. My list is too extensive to post here, but if you would like to see it, please just drop me an email.<p>Thanks!N

01-29-1999, 06:08 PM
Hi! I am new to this and I was wondering if anyone has an address or such that I can send a Birthday Card to Garth seeing that he is my number one music entertainer. And his birthday is coming up soon.<p> Thanks,<br> FidellaN

01-29-1999, 09:45 PM
<b>Welcome to Planet Garth, Fidella98!</b><p>GB Management Inc.<br>1111 17th Ave. South<br>Nashville, TN 37212<p>Fax 615 327-9407<br>e-mail: garthbrooks@earthlink.net<p>Keep A Happy Thought<br>Kathy/Odexut77N