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01-20-1999, 10:06 PM
Just before <b>The World Tour</b> ended I heard that <b>GARTH</b> had signed to do a Hollywood Squares. I haven't heard anything since I saw that in the USA TODAY WEEKEND Mag. <p><i>Anyone heard anything about this?</i><p>He would be a riot on that show, he's got such a great sense of humor. :)<p>Keep A Happy Thought!N

01-20-1999, 11:25 PM
Yep, you bet! I heard this <b>Hollywood Square </b> thing long time ago. Correct me if I'm wrong, I think it will be broadcasted on Feb. I don't the know the exact day, but maybe some other garth pals can help you with this.. :)<p>TommyN

Conor McLaughlin
01-21-1999, 07:42 AM
Oh, when you find out what date it's on please let me know 'cause we get 'Hollywood Squares' here on Sky1.N

01-21-1999, 09:43 AM
I love Hollywood squares so I watch it everyday. So when Garth is on (celebs are on for weeks at a time --- cause they tape a weeks worth of shows in a day or two) I'll inform everyone. It comes on twice here so when I see it I'll be able to tape it the second showing.<p>GlennN

01-22-1999, 03:15 AM
Thanks for the tip Tommy. <br>I'll be on <i>Garthwatching</i> in February. ;)<p> :)Keep a Happy Thought<br>KathyN

01-22-1999, 03:49 AM
I also heard that the shows will air in February. I heard on radio that the shows have already been taped, and that Garth and Trisha will both be on for the week.N

01-22-1999, 04:20 AM
Garth will be on Hollywood Squares from February 15 thru February 19, 1999. :)N

01-22-1999, 05:22 AM
:) Thanks for the dates!!!! :)N

01-22-1999, 05:42 AM
and to think we drive by that studio and say, who would go see HOllywood Squares with these stars. <p>Geeez then a friend tells me Garth is staying out here in Calif, doing all sorts of promotional stuff, pics, writing,POWER LUNCHES. <p>thats it I am going to get one of those undergruond tour guides (who know all the secrets ) and have them show me where GARTH MIGHT BE whoaa<p>Valenitines week he will be awwwww N

01-22-1999, 11:07 AM
WOW! Feb 15-19 you say, King?<p>WOOOHOO! What better birthday present than to kick off a week of Garth on HS. The 15th is my birthday. :) :)Better make sure I have some blank tapes left. lol. Thanks for the dates King. I'm a happy girl. <p><br>EllieN

01-22-1999, 02:31 PM
theking,<p>So where did you find this info, how can everyone seem to scratch this info up but me.<p>GlennN

missy jean
01-22-1999, 04:56 PM
I would greatly appreciate an email or a post with upcoming TV shows and dates that Garth will appear on...even if it's for a second that he's on the show...a little is better than none!!! Thanking everyone in advance<br>Missy ilovegarth@iname.com<p>Do What Ya Gotta Do!!!N

01-23-1999, 10:10 PM
I got this info from <b>alt.music.garth-brooks</b>, the newsgroup.<p>I can't vouch for the validity of this information. All I did was make available what little information I had. :)N

01-24-1999, 03:44 PM
WOW Thanks Theking :) :)<p>I love that show too,have to watch it everynight at 7:30pm sooooooooo you bet I won't miss the week of the 15th :) <b>OH GOD I CAN'T WAIT</b><p>Take Care<br>Sue :)N

01-31-1999, 01:51 PM
Thanks for the info. I have been waiting since Hollywood squares went on the air for Garth. I heard a rumor back then that we was going to be on. <p>Gotta go find a blank tape!!!!!N

01-31-1999, 04:21 PM
Thanks. I've been waiting since I heard he was going to be on after the First of the year. I also heard that Trisha is going to be on with him. Does anyone know if this is true?<p>JulieN

02-01-1999, 07:10 AM
I know that Garth did tape a weeks worth of Hollywood squares in December to air in February. He told us about it at the Howie Mandel taping. He was to tape the shows on December 5 the day before going to Vegas to do the Billboard awards. He didn't know of the exact airing of the show but said it should be on in February. I believe he said Trisha was also going to be there. Hope this helps!!N