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03-11-2000, 06:57 PM
This is just a reminder. Monica (Gator_Girl_4_Garth) is the Forum Administrator. If you have a problem with the Forums, or to report a situation that needs the attention of the Forum management, or anything else out of the ordinary, then you should contact Monica at monica@planetgarth.com<P>I've seen mention of my name in several places recently, usually to bring something regarding a post or a member to my attention. I am out of the loop with the day to day conversations taking place here on the Forums. So even if the matter was brought to me, I'm afraid that I wouldn't be much help. That is why Monica is in charge. She has assembled a team of moderators that is willing to help with whatever you need. Use them, that is what they are for :)<P>I don't mean to discourage any email to me at all. I always welcome feedback regarding Planet Garth. I just want to redirect the mail regarding the Planet Garth Forums to the appropriate people. N