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08-26-1999, 11:14 AM
When I released the new PG back in May, I stated that there would be even more things coming this fall. There are several projects on the PG drawing board, which a few of will be in development starting in September. <P>One of these projects is a complete rewrite of the Planet Garth Forum software. The current software was created by an outside company, and is tedious to customize along with other limitations. The new system will be written by myself. You will not see many cosmetic changes in the new forums, but you will see a few new features.<P>This is where you come in, before we get started in the development stage. I'd like to hear from you, as far as your suggestions or complaints on the current system. The sooner you give me your feedback, the more likely the chance of your suggestion being implemented.<P>Feel free to email me at <A HREF="mailto:brandon@planetgarth.com">brandon@planetgarth.com</A> or post your comments here, and we can all discuss them. Depending on how the participation goes, I am also considering creating a new forum for this.<P>Thank you<BR><B>Brandon Wiesner</B><BR>N

08-26-1999, 12:36 PM
Brandon....very cool that you are improving PG yet again! :) As far as suggestions go for the forums, the only ones I have are ones that have been already discussed in the past.....being able to edit post (within a certain time frame) and being able to see the topic when you are replying to it, like it used to be (rather than the current set up of having to go back to that page). Thanks again for all your continued hard work with this site.....it really is appreciated! :)N

08-26-1999, 12:45 PM
I <B>TOTALLY</B> agree with Cheryl :D<P>Thanx Brandon :)<P>BrianN

08-26-1999, 12:46 PM
Cheryl<P>Those two are already on the list :). I'll probably make the time limit about 10 minutes like we've discussed previously.N

08-26-1999, 01:06 PM
Okay, Brandon, this one might be a bit complicated or troublesome, but I've always wondered:<P>You know how, when you come to the forums, you can see which forums have new posts, then you can see which threads, within those forums, have new posts? Well, sometimes when I go to read the new posts, on a thread that I have already been to before, especially if that thread is getting kinda long, I have a hard time figuring out, quickly, where I left off. I end up re-reading some of the old posts, trying to figure out where the newer ones begin. Would there be a way to indicate which posts are new? Does this question even make sense?N

08-26-1999, 01:35 PM
That makes perfect sense. I was just thinking about that yesterday. Probably some sort of color indication to identify the new posts. Thanks for the suggestion.N

08-26-1999, 04:08 PM
So far, all the suggestions made are ones that I also had. I know exactly where MountainGirlCrazy4Garth is coming from. The different folder colors for new posts since last visit doesn't really work for me since I may visit the Forum but not catch up on all the reading. So the next time I log on I wouldn't know where I ended up. I say I wouldn't know, but I do know, only because I keep a log for each Forum and write down the time of the last post I read so I know where to start for new posts.<P>If the colors could be different for individual posts within a thread, that would be perfect...sort of like in a newsgroup. You know which ones you've read because the subject titles aren't highlighted. I don't know if something like that would be possible in a Forum like this though.<P>One other suggestion I would have (especially since it's been happening a few times recently) would be to restrict the width of a post. On a couple of threads, one of the posts had either a very long link or a very long word, and it caused the entire thread to run off the screen so you had to scroll back and forth to read the posts.<P>Thanks so much for making this the best place on the 'net to hang out!<P>PaulaN

08-28-1999, 10:50 AM
<B>Brandon</B>,<P>I agree with <B>Cherly</B>. I really wanna see other people's post when I reply. It would make my day a lot easier when I do replys...LOL As you know me, I do a heck of replies each day :o<P>TommyN

09-01-1999, 03:34 AM
Brandon<BR>I was going to sugest the same as Cheryl and Tommy, but they beat me to it. <BR>I've said this before but I'll say it again. A million thanks for having all the trouble in setting up this site for us GB fans. What a fantastic job.<BR>Merci beaucoup.<BR>Zulu N

09-01-1999, 09:24 AM
Can't think of anything that hasn't already been suggested. Brandon, thanks for letting us have a hand in this...now I know why PG feels so much like "home"...YOU!!! Great work, it is really appreciated.<P>Peace,<BR>DebbieN

09-08-1999, 01:43 PM
:) Everything sounds GREAT so far :)<P>You are doing a great job Brandon..keep it up!!<P>Take Care<BR>Sue<P>I have one suggestion but I don't think I will mention it :oN