View Full Version : What happened to "Tickets Wanted" on PG?

11-10-1998, 10:09 AM
Brandon, what happened to the "Tickets Wanted" section of PG? And is it possible to update the "Tickets for Sale" section more quickly? I am really wanting tickets to the College Station show, but there is no sales post for that show, and no place for me to post that I want tickets.<p>Thanks!N

11-15-1998, 02:46 PM
Both ticket sections you mentioned are now closed.<p>The Tickets Wanted section was "indefinatley suspended" earlier this year because it got too busy and took too much time to maintain. Same with the Tickets For Sale page which closed with the end of the tour. College Station was a late and unexpected addition to the tour, which is the reason why it doesn't appear there.<p>Those pages were updated manually in the past. However if GB does decide to resume touring in a year or so, Planet Garth will have an automated system in place to handle all ticket posts.N