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10-20-1998, 07:40 AM
There isn't really anything new to report on the site, but I thought I would take some time and fill you in on what is going on anyway.<p>Many have asked about the moderator positions available on the forums. I have received everyone's message and I will be responding soon. I work on PG in two different locations so my disorganization is killing me. There have been more people respond about this, than there are positions available. This means that I won't be able to accomodate everyone. However I will keep your names on a waiting list for when new forums open.<p>Next...<p>I've had a few e-mails asking me why the Upcoming Events, and/or the Tickets section haven't been updated. Well the tickes for sale page was updated yesterday, but way behind my usual schedule. I've also added about 10 new articles and a few sets of photos, these haven't made it on to the New Stuff page yet. If anyone wants to assist in the Upcoming Events, let me know.<p>The reason for the delays is basically the reason why I'm writing this. I want to explain what I'm doing these days (I know you're all sitting on the edge of your seat) For starters, I am a webmaster for a computer game company here in St. Louis, that is my full time job. I also do part time web design, which is becoming a full time job in itself. My latest site will be showcased on Planet Garth in the next week or two. It is a small page and has a Garth relation. The other site is for a local medical company. It has been in development since April and was just launched last week. Ohh, and did I mention that I'm getting married next summer? We'll planning that has been taking time too :)<p>That leaves just a few hours each week to work on Planet Garth. This is unacceptable to me. But fear not. There is a new PG on the drawing board. I've been doing preliminary sketches for a few months and continue to make a "wish list".<p>I can't tell you when you'll see any changes, it might not be till the first of the year. But I think you'll all be pleased with it. And PG will sucessfully defend its crown.<p>BrandonN

10-20-1998, 08:16 AM
Hey Brandon!<p>First off, conGARTHulations on your upcoming wedding!! :) Are you marrying a fellow Garthnutt? Gonna have lil garthnutts??? OK, sorry, couldnt resist! :) Seriously, congratulations to you and your fiance.<p>Sign me up to help with whatever you need....I know you know this, but, just thought I'd tell ya again. I will do my best to help you keep that crown right where it belongs! And, once again, THANK YOU for making Planet Garth such fun place to be!<p>Cheryl<br> N

10-20-1998, 03:14 PM
I second the motion on the Congrats about your upcoming wedding Brandon!!! You have done Amazing things with this site since I first started visiting...YOu are a busy man and Your life comes first, so take all the time you need We are still gonna be here when the New PG takes shape...and If you could tell me what assistance is needed with upcoming events I might be able to help out!!<p>Keep up the Good Work<p>DougN

10-20-1998, 03:22 PM
Congradulations on your upcoming marriage Bradon :) I appreciate all your hard work. I consider PG one of the best sites on the internet. I have been to a lot of message boards and have never found anything close to yours. Thanks again :)N

10-21-1998, 03:34 AM
Brandon, First of all huge congradulations (Mazal Tov) on your wedding. Second, take as much time as you need, we all know how devoted you are and appreciate all the effort you put into PG. <br>You are one of a kind.<br>N