View Full Version : PG Forums upgrade

07-29-1998, 08:44 PM
The Forums have recently been upgraded. You can now take advantage of the new search engine, which can be accessed with the link in the top right hand side of the screen.<p>Another feature is the "announcement" button that is above the topics list.<p>Also, you have the option to either have or e-mail adress displayed with your post, or to keep it hidden. You can set that in your user profile.<p>The FAQ has also been updated to accomadate all of the recent additions.<p>That's all for now.<br>BrandonN

07-31-1998, 04:55 AM
Hi Brandon<br>I was just checking out the new search feature -- what a cool thing! I also found out some stuff I didnt know when I read the FAQs. Thank you once again for all your hard work here....it just keeps gettin better!<br>CherylN