View Full Version : Need Moderators for Forums

07-28-1998, 07:18 AM
The Forums are a safe place to come and talk about GB without being spammed, or recieving hundreds of junk posts.
<p>To continue to maintain the Forums in this way, I am looking for moderators who can be in charge of keeping their forum clean, and on topic.
<p>If you have an interest in moderating on the current forums, or if you would like to create a new forum to moderate, please let me know and I'll give you more details.
<br>Brandon WiesnerN

07-31-1998, 07:30 AM
Thank you to everyone that has shown interest in being a moderator. I'm running behind on e-mail so, please don't think I'm ignoring you.<p>I'll be in touch in a day or two.<p>BrandonN