View Full Version : Additional note to the PG Update

06-09-1998, 07:34 PM
Before this latest upgrade to the Forums, there were two versions. One for JavaScript capable browsers and the other for non-capable browsers. If you had a non-capable browser then you were redirected to UltimateALT.cgi
<p>That version is no longer necessary and will be removed. If you have a the Forums bookmarked to that file, please change it to www.planetgarth.com/cgi-bin/pg/pgforum/Ultimate.cgiN

06-09-1998, 07:47 PM
Or better yet... To access the Forums use <A HREF="http://www.planetgarth.com/pgforum" TARGET=_blank>www.planetgarth.com/pgforum</A>
<p>Much shorterN