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06-08-1998, 07:10 PM
The newest version of the software that runs the PG Forums has just been installed tonight.
<p>There isn't many cosmetic changes except for the small email and profile graphics above a message.
<p>The main feature of the new upgrade is that the thread pages are now static HTML files instead of dynamically generated CGI files. I know I just lost a lot of people with that last statement, so in a nutshell, the Forums should download much faster.
<p>Also available for use is the graphic faces. For instance :) and :( Those are produced by colon and a parenthesies.
<p>Thats all for now. Be sure to let me know if you experience any problems.

06-09-1998, 09:50 AM
Thanks Brandon;" Just testing N

06-09-1998, 10:00 AM
Sorry but I can't seem to make faces;() Oh well;N

06-09-1998, 10:20 AM
It won't work with semi-colons. Just colons.
<BR> <BR>[Note: This message was edited by Brandon]N

Teresa Morris
06-09-1998, 11:25 AM
' () N

06-09-1998, 12:37 PM

06-09-1998, 01:20 PM
:) Just tryin to figure this face thing out
<br> :( Don't think I'm doin it right
<br>But I'll send this reply anyway and see if I got it..... N

06-09-1998, 01:24 PM
:) :) :)
<br>These are really cool!!!! Thanks, Brandon!!N

06-09-1998, 01:29 PM
No problem. :)N