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05-21-1998, 08:21 AM
Planet Garth is one of 8 sites to be chosen as an amateur finalist in the CountryNow.com fan site awards. Thanks to those who nominated PG.
<p> <A HREF="http://www.countrynow.com/kkat/cn_awards.htm" TARGET=_blank>www.countrynow.com/kkat/cn_awards.htm</A>
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05-21-1998, 01:05 PM
<p> That is s-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o
<br>GREAT!!!! Congratulations Brandon!!
<br>You deserve it!! I'll be anxiously
<br>awaiting to hear the winner. But even
<br>if you don't take all.....PG will
<br>always be #1 for me!!!! T : )N

05-21-1998, 10:44 PM
Way to go PG and Brandon. It is good to see someone else recognizes what a great web site this is. Good luck on winning.N

05-23-1998, 04:48 PM
Way to go Brandon!! It seems less than 1 week ago..I predicted that big recognition was coming :D
<p>Honestly, there simply is NO comparison between PG and the other sites, including the other Roughstock sponsored one for GS.
<p>PG organizes and UPDATES a monumental amount of info in such an elegant way. It represents - to me anyway - the fact that you don't have to "carnivalize" or "shockwave" yourselves into big numbers of visitors. This doggone site can run with the big dogs ANYDAY at ANY level!
<p>By the way, I'd LUV to know the numbers on this site. Maybe you could post it in this forum as often as you think would make sense.
<p>Anyway, I don't need to rate your wranglers to know YOU'RE THE #1 WEBMASTER of the #1 WEBSITE at my house ;) Thank you, thank you!N

05-24-1998, 04:53 PM
You guys are awesome. Thanks so much! But I fear that you may be giving me an ego : )N