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05-19-1998, 12:05 PM
Well, the description of this forum states among other things, "site status" so I guess I'll give all who's interested a quick update of what's going on here at PG.
<p>The Tickets Wanted section of the World Tour Center has been suspended for a few months now. Tickets For Sale and The PG Trading Post have been crawling along as well. The problem is that I update those pages manually, and I have less time to do it. I've been keeping up with the Tickets For Sale page the best I can, and I will continue to do so. However I think that the Trading Post may soon be suspended as well. I haven't decided for sure.
<p>I've just finished a new site for a local company, and my next project is to write a program that will run both the Trading Post and the Ticket pages. Once that is done those two sections will be better than ever. I will try to keep you updated on the progress of that program in this forum. I appreciate everyone's patience in this matter.
<p>Speaking of the Forums... The next upgrade to the forum system is scheduled for the first week in June.
<p>As always, if you have any suggestions to make PG better, let me know.
<p>Brandon WiesnerN

Debbie R
05-19-1998, 01:00 PM
<p>I am so impressed with your dedication to Garth and this site!! I can't even begin to imagine the work it takes to maintain a site of this magnitude.
<p>Thank you so much for giving all us Garth nutts a one stop shop for GARTH info!!!!
<p>Since I don't have internet access from home and our fire wall prevents me from any of the chat lines, etc, PG is the one and only connection I use to Garth's world!!
<p>Thanks again!!

05-20-1998, 12:04 PM
Thanks Debbie, I appreciate that!.