View Full Version : Upgrade to the Planet Garth Forums

02-26-1998, 08:20 PM
The software that runs this system has just been upgraded. There won't be much of a difference that you can see... the only noticable thing would be that the moderator e-mail links now work correctly. Other than that, it was mainly a technical upgrade.
<p>However, there is a new version of the Forums available for older browsers that can't handle Java Script. This may also solve the registration problem for AOL users.
<p>The non JavaScript version is at the following address...
<p> <A HREF="http://www.planetgarth.com/cgi-bin/pg/pgforum/UltimateALT.cgi" TARGET=_blank>www.planetgarth.com/cgi-bin/pg/pgforum/UltimateALT.cgi</A>
<p>If you have to use that version, I would recommend setting it as a bookmark since there is no direct link set up yet.