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11-09-1999, 05:56 AM
Please, I am begging for an edit button. I really need this I can't spell well, and my brain gets ahead of my fingers. Not being able to edit my posts is causing me great mental distress.N

Chris Gaines
11-09-1999, 07:04 AM
Loreli,<P>Brandon has stated he is working on implimenting this feature sometime in the future.<P>The reason for the delay is cause he don't want the "edit" to work long after the post is posted.. as you'd also be able to delte the post entirely.. so if you was to delete a post from yesterday.. and people replied to your post then that kinda ruins the entegrity of the boards.. and everyone will be wondering what poeple are replying too :)<P>So with that said.. sometime (as he stated a while back) he will impliment a "edit feature" but only if it will only allow editting up to 10 minutes after posting.. then it is stuck up for good. :)<P>Hope that helps :)<BR>JasonN

11-09-1999, 07:54 AM
Thanks Jason,<P>I'll take the 10 min. I really need this. Do I hear a wav coming? LOL ;) N

01-03-2000, 11:12 AM
I know this post is old, but thought you might like an update. <P>I have just started work on the new forums (which should be released in late Jan or early Feb). And the 10 minute edit feature will be part of the package.N

01-03-2000, 11:28 AM
WOOOOOHOOOOO Brandon :D :D :D :D<P>Will I be able to edit in others posts?? I mean I could edit my name from <B>BRAIN</B> to <B>BRIAN</B> ;)<P>That's a thing that happens very often :o :o *ROFL*<P>BrAIn ;) *ROFLOL*N

01-03-2000, 11:36 AM
Nope, for obvious reasons you'll only be able to edit your own posts.N

01-03-2000, 05:48 PM
Brandon,<P>THAT'S SO COOL!!! It would be enough to have 10 minutes to edit your own posts :)<P>Can't wait for this newly added feature :)<P>TommyN

01-29-2000, 08:16 PM
I'm glad an edit feature is being considered. I'm too used to it over at my regular board hangout. I don't think it ruins the integrirty of a board at all. Most people don't delete entire posts.. sometimes things said in posts need to be taken out and often some people don't process that for a while. Ah well. As long as I know there's no edit I prolly won't make any mistakes other than typos which is pretty common w me so ah well :)N

01-29-2000, 08:32 PM
Hmm... oh another reason for editing is it saves the number of posts one person has.. you know when you forget something and a few minutes later remember another paragraph.. instead of posting another thread.N