View Full Version : I have a question

01-26-2000, 05:49 PM
it has been so long since I posted here, I hope you guys dont mind me asking a question. Bye the way the new planetgarth pages look great. Anyway heres the question...I hear that garth is going to be trying out for baseball again this year, is this true and if it is..do you know what team he is going to tryout for?? Let me know.I am really interested!!!! gbnutN

01-26-2000, 06:30 PM
We have heard no official statement yet about what team Garth will do Spring Training with this year. However, there have been several reports that he is talking with several team all of who have Spring Training in Florida. <P>As soon as it is official, I am sure you will find the information here in the PG Forums. I would try the Main forum first :) <P>Monica N