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12-08-1999, 08:27 AM
I just want to say,<P>THANKS FOR PG!!!!<BR> :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)<P>I had spent a few weeks trying to find out where I could meet Garth-o-holics like me. And since I was new to this internet thing, I was scared that I would be left out 'cause I don't know too much about forums and chat-rooms. <P>When I finally decided to try PG forums i was not disappointed!! This site and it's people show true class! :)<P>Thanks for making me part of such a great place! :D Garth would be proud! :D<P>ErinN

Monica Lockhart
12-08-1999, 05:20 PM
Erin, <P><B>Welcome to PlanetGarth!</B><P>Glad that you found us! We're happy to have you here!! <P> :) N

12-13-1999, 09:05 AM
Hi Monica and Brandon!!<P>I posted a topic like this on the Garth Forum to say thanks to you guys for Planet Garth. I hope you got to see it, I know you guys are busy and don't have a chance to read ALL the post. But thank to PG and the forums here I have met some really special people. And because of the special people have gotten the opportunity to meet my hero, Garth!!<P>Thanks Again!!<P>Happy Holidays (What ever you celebrate!!)<P>KarinN