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09-06-1999, 03:55 PM
<BR>Hi this is my first time registering. I love Garth. does anyone know if he will have a calander for the year 2000?N

09-06-1999, 04:21 PM
I haven't heard of an official Garth 2000 calendar...he didn't have one for 1999. There are a couple of calendar projects going on, one a wall calendar and the other a desk calendar, where fans have contributed Garth photographs. I don't know if either of the people who are coordinating these calendars are still taking orders. The deadline for ordering and payment for the wall calendar ($15 including postage) was August 31, but you can e-mail Debi Biermann at <A HREF="mailto:debib@execpc.com">debib@execpc.com</A> , just in case she can still add you to the order. The deadline for payment on the desk calendar is September 15 ($16 plus priority mail shipping), and you can e-mail either Arlene at <A HREF="mailto:GBSweetP77@aol.com">GBSweetP77@aol.com</A> or Kristin at <A HREF="mailto:GeeeBeee7@aol.com">GeeeBeee7@aol.com</A> .<P>Paula<BR>N

09-07-1999, 06:58 AM
thanks for telling me about the calender will email and see if i can get one.<BR>fannyN