View Full Version : I'm just curious... Why the lack of updates?

06-26-1999, 10:12 AM
Brandon,<P>Why have you not put anything new on the front page since early May? Are you sick? Are you on vacation? When will you be back online? I was Just wondering. If you or anyone else reads this post please reply! :)N

06-26-1999, 10:54 AM
Brandon is getting married on July 5th :) I think that he is probably busy making wedding plans and spending time with his fiancee ;)N

06-26-1999, 10:57 AM
<P>Thanks so much for the info and Very Cool(about Brandon)N

07-05-1999, 12:12 PM
Please see my update regarding this at The New Stuff. <A HREF="http://www.planetgarth.com/newstuff.shtml" TARGET=_blank>www.planetgarth.com/newstuff.shtml</A> N