View Full Version : I am very interested in obtaining This is Garth Brooks Two(AKA: Texas Stadium)...

04-30-1999, 02:33 PM
Can you give me any help? Did Garth offically release this show?( I don't think so) Can I get a copy from NBC that you know of?( I really doubt it) Do you have any sugestions? Please Help! Thank you so very VERY MUCH!!! N

05-03-1999, 04:20 PM
Is anyone going to reply? Brandon in case you are wondering why I posted this topic in this area, it was because I've posted a topic simular to this on the main forum and I wanted to see what you thought and what your sugestions & ideas were. I hope you don't feal bothered by me because I post so many topics in this area. If so I'm sorrey. :( I can understand where you may be coming from though I mean it must be hard to work at your job, come home design a new Planet Garth and have time to browse the Forums to! I admire your ambition :) Man I know that I would not have the strength to do what you do. Keep up the good work!! :D<P> N

05-04-1999, 11:38 AM
charmed1 <P>This special was never released to video. The best way to get a hold of it, is to get a copy from someone who taped it (I'm sure there are a few here on PG that can help you out.)<P>I don't mind the questions. Thanks for your comments.N

05-04-1999, 11:42 AM
Hey charmed1-<P>I got my copy from PJ. She usually doesn't mind making copies for people. You could email her and see if she could make you a copy. I don't have her email addy handy right now, but if you do a search for her screen name (PJ), you'll be able to find it.N

05-04-1999, 11:45 AM
Thanks for the info :DN