View Full Version : posting to Garthbox problem...

10-29-1998, 10:42 AM
I have tried to post the same post onto Garthbox for 10 days straight and it still is not being included. I have tried every email option I can find. I have posted to Garthbox in the past without any problems. What could possibly be wrong ??Help....I am clueless...LOLN

10-29-1998, 11:29 AM
Have you contacted Doug? He is the Gbox administrator.N

10-30-1998, 01:19 PM
Also if you email goes out in html format, Doug said he can not post it. You can somehow go into options and change to plain text. He gave directions on how to do it in the garthbox but I deleted it now and can't remember the exact procedure. But that could be the reason that it is not getting posted, that is what happened to me. Hope this helps and maybe someone else knows more about the puter and how to change options....good luck!N

10-31-1998, 02:18 PM
thanks for the help...i already changed to plain text and emailed the post that way...still not getting posted...guess i will keep trying....N