View Full Version : Brandon, what does a moderator do?

10-14-1998, 04:04 AM
Hey Brandon, I see that you are looking for moderators for your new forums. I may be interested but I'd like to know what a moderator does, you know, the specifics. Could you let me know please! Thanks in advance! ;)<br>-Kathy<br>N

10-14-1998, 07:36 AM
Moderators basically delete, edit, and close upappropriate topics and messages. The main thing is to keep the conversations clean, and on topic. N

10-17-1998, 05:11 PM
hey brandon!<p>i would realy like to be a moderator.<br>my name is Angela and i think i would realy <br>like to be one!!! so please concider me for the job?<br>N