View Full Version : Is This Garth's Home?

10-03-1998, 10:07 PM
I was in Nashville last weekend and a friend of mine took me on a little tour and he showed me a home that he was told by a local was the home of Garth. It was in Franklin and all you could see from the road we were on was part of the home sticking out from the hill high above the highway. Respecting privacy I dared not enter the roadway leading up to it. I told him this did not match the decription my fellow PG nuts had mentioned. I have always heard of a long drive ending with a gate, and not being able to see Garth's house. I'm just curious, does anyone know if what I saw is Garth's house? Thanks :)N

10-04-1998, 04:52 AM
Sorry to bust your bubble but Garth's home is in Goodlettsville.TN.<br>The driveway is very long & winding. The house is behind a hill. You can't see it from the gates.N

10-04-1998, 06:14 PM
Thanks. Sort of what I figured. It didn't look like the place I had heard about.N