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10-01-1998, 09:42 PM
Help? I have been searching the net looking for a site that has a list of the biggest selling country cds. Not just for the week but for older cds like Garth's older cds and such. Can anyone point me to a site that might have some good info like this. Thanks :)N

10-02-1998, 04:14 AM
www.RIAA.com <br>It list all of the top selling artist, for all music types. You should be able to find what you are looking for there. As for Garth, his totals are:<br>16-No Fences<br>14-Ropin the Wind<br>9-Garth Brooks<br>9-The Hits<br>8-In Pieces<br>8-The Chase<br>6-Fresh Horses<br>6-Sevens<br>The Collection and Beyond the Season combine for another 6.N

10-02-1998, 06:05 AM
From RIAA:<p>16 - NO FENCES - Garth Brooks<br>14 - ROPIN' THE WIND - Garth Brooks<br>12 - GREATEST HITS - Kenny Rogers<br>10 - THE WOMAN IN ME - Shania Twain<br>9 - THE HITS - Garth Brooks<br>9 - GARTH BROOKS - Garth Brooks<br>9 - SOME GAVE ALL - Billy Ray Cyrus<br>8 - IN PIECES - Garth Brooks<br>8 - THE CHASE - Garth Brooks<br>8 - GREATEST HITS - Patsy Cline<br>6 - A LOT ABOUT LIVIN' (AND A LITTLE 'BOUT LOVE) - Alan Jackson<br>6 - SEVENS - Garth Brooks<br>6 - FRESH HORSES - Garth Brooks<br>5 - GREATEST HITS - Alabama<br>5 - MOUNTAIN MUSIC - Alabama<br>5 - BRAND NEW MAN - Brooks & Dunn<br>5 - WYNONNA - Wynonna Judd<br>5 - GREATEST HITS VOLUME TWO - Reba McEntire<br>5 - NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON - Tim McGraw<br>5 - THE GAMBLER - Kenny Rogers<br>5 - PURE COUNTRY SOUNDTRACK - George Strait<br>5 - ALWAYS & FOREVER - Randy Travis<br>5 - STRAIT OUT OF THE BOX - George Strait<br>5 - BLUE - LeAnn Rimes<br>5 - COME ON OVER - Shania Twain<p>(Numbers indicate the level of platinum, or number of million sold.)N

10-02-1998, 08:45 AM
Thanks guys, you are more helpful than a search engine. :)N