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08-21-1998, 06:06 AM
I've heard that Garth use to have a "bar" band that he played with in small town bars. <br>My husband and I just bought a small bar & grill, which we've been coming to for the last 14 years. It is a great place to come to with friends to eat and have a few drinks, but the last owners let it run down and we would like to put the "spark" back in to it. If Garth still does this, would it be possible to get in touch with the manager?N

08-21-1998, 11:26 AM
I doubt you could "book" Garth for a performance at a small club or bar. It's probably something he does every once in a while and he doesn't want to draw a lot of attention to it.<p>I know that in Clovis, NM (where Buddy Holly got started and where LeAnn Rimes recorded her "Blue" CD) Garth played at a small bar a few years back. The act was billed under another name (I can't remember what it was), so nobody was expecting Garth. Well, pretty soon after he started playing, word got out that GARTH BROOKS WAS PLAYING DOWN AT "CLOVIS CITY LIMITS!" I don't have to tell you that the place filled up pretty quick.<p>But anyway, I think if and when he does do stuff like that he likes to keep it "hush-hush" and not draw a lot of attention.N

08-21-1998, 11:41 AM
Thanks for the quick reply. We'll just continue to play his music on the juke box and when a DJ comes in. Go Garth!N

08-22-1998, 05:45 AM
If you can book a band named "Yukon Jack" go for it....N

08-24-1998, 04:13 AM
Thanks to mbarker for the reply on the<br>name of Garth's bar band. My sister had<br>mentioned the name once before, but I<br>had forgotten it. If I knew how to try<br>to book this band, I would.<p>N

08-24-1998, 11:11 AM
That's right! "Yukon Jack" is the name that he used in Clovis!N