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07-14-1998, 07:40 AM
<br>Hello Everyone! I know this may seem obvious to you, and yes, I have read the common questions part of this website (this is a great site by the way) but I still can't figure something out! I want to go see Garth in Vegas next month, but I live in San Diego. I cannot go to the arena there and get a wristband, so what chance, if any do I have of getting good seats? Do I get a digital wristband by phone or something? What is the deal? Any advice or explination would be greatly appreciated! Talk to someone soon? :)

07-15-1998, 12:00 PM
See "Long Distance Ticket Tips" under the WORLD TOUR FORUM. Maybe that will help...N

07-25-1998, 04:44 AM
Thanks! I thought I might be the only one wondering the same thing. Garth hasn't played any of the arenas in the NY Metropolitan area (excluding Central Park)since his last tour. Albany 1 1/2 years ago and Phillie this Sept, I fear, are the closest he'll get again. Want to see him in Phillie but can't make the trip for the wristband.
<br>Anyway, thanks for the tip!N