View Full Version : Little Light Bulbs?

07-03-1998, 10:05 PM
Brandon heres one of those questions out of left field about the little light bulbs. When I log into the forums they are on...then as soon as I click on a forum to join they all go off....why is that? why doesnt just the forum I joined turn off? Just a littel something I was thinking about on the overnite shift.

07-04-1998, 06:29 AM
It's one of those quirky things in the program.
<p>The system keeps track of the last time you accessed the forums. Then if there are new messages in the individual forums, the light for that forum comes on. So when you click on an individual forum, the system then checks the time and sets that as your "last time visited". That is why the lights go out on the other forums, because no new messages have been posted in that short of time.
<p>I hope that answers your question. It's not an easy thing to explain :)

07-04-1998, 01:15 PM
Yes It does Brandon....Thanks :)N