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05-29-1998, 07:46 PM
HI! I'm a new comer to the forum but I go to the PG site everyday. I'm glad that there is a place to go to talk about Garth and not see any bashing like on some of the news groups. Yall may already know about this but I found a free GB screen saver at pspinternation.com. It has some really great pictures of Garth.
<br> Everyone have a happy GB day

06-01-1998, 07:00 AM
Hi!! I am also a new user to PG, too! I really like it. Could you e-mail me that address to see the cool pictures of Garth. I would love to see them.
<p>Dawn Meigs
<p>P.S. My e-mail address is dmeigs65@hotmail.comN

06-11-1998, 05:28 AM
Hey guys.
<p>You can access all of the pictures on Planet Garth at <A HREF="http://www.planetgarth.com/garthphoto.shtml" TARGET=_blank>www.planetgarth.com/garthphoto.shtml</A> N