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05-11-1998, 06:29 AM
How's it goin?
<p>Anyway my idea is that maybe you could include a page specifically designed for pictures of Garth or Stillwater with fans, you know like those 1 on 1 shots. Anyway just a thought...BY THE WAY AN OFFICIAL SITE WILL NEVER COMPARE TO THIS ONE KEEP UP THE MOST EXCELLENT WORK!!!
<p>YOur Friend in Jersey Places,

05-16-1998, 06:37 AM
I think someone else requested that a week or so ago. It is on my to-do list. The problem that I see is that not many people take pictures of the band at a concert. And those who do, haven't sent them in to PG because I don't have any yet.
<p>If anyone does have good shots of Stillwater, please let me know and we'll include them in the new section.N