View Full Version : Any types of cameras OK at GB concerts?

05-06-1998, 02:30 PM
I was at Freedom Hall last Thursday night and I was told by numerous security people that "professional" cameras were not allowed there. I wasn't sure if it was the venue or Clay Walkers' request. I am NOT a professional photographer. I love taking pictures for myself and my friends. I have a Canon EOS Rebel G with a 300 zoom. I'm hoping Garth doesn't object to people taking his picture, atleast with this camera I'll know who it is when I get my pictures. If any one knows will you please let me know. Thanks!!!!!!!

Jill D
05-06-1998, 05:54 PM
Still photography has been allowed at every show that I have been lucky enough to attend. My hubby used a zoom lens from the 5th row and we got some GREAT shots! I would say to call the venue ahead of time. Enjoy!N

05-06-1998, 07:02 PM
Garth's rules have never changed. He encourages photography, however professional lenses are not allowed.
<p>Some venues are very strict about cameras while others don't care. So take your camera, just don't go overboard.N

05-07-1998, 07:23 AM
What's the difference between a professional lens and just a regular zoom? In other words, how do you know if you have a professional lens camera?

05-07-1998, 07:38 PM
I'll try and see if I can help. What they said in San Antonio was no professional lenses. I asked the same question and they told me it was okay if the lense was not removable. If you can interchange the lenses, they consider it professional. When I got to the show, they looked in my camera bag and told me my automatic was ok, if it did not have a zoom lense on it. I don't think they were correct on this. The one I used had a 105 zoom and no one said anything to me after that. I did however see them take a lady out of the arena that had a professional camera. They let her right back in, but someone said they took the film. I really doubt they did, but I would definately check with the venue to make sure. I took two different cameras, just in case. I hope that helps a little. If not, sorry about the length. Have a great time. WooHoo for me. Texas'NuttN

05-08-1998, 05:15 AM
<br>Thanks for this information. I'm borrowing a camera from someone and it does have a removeable lens, so I think I better call Rupp Arena and find out for sure what they will allow me to take in. Since I'm borrowing the camera, I really don't want to have to leave it in the car or hotel or something like that! Also, if it is a professional camera; it doesn't mean I'm a professional photographer! *LOL* I've never used the camera before in my life!
<p>Thanks again for your response,

05-08-1998, 07:15 AM
I just called the Lexington Center ticket office and asked about the use of cameras at Rupp for the Garth concerts next weekend. The lady said still cameras are ok as long as they don't "look" like professional cameras. Gotta run and go get some more film.N

05-08-1998, 07:53 AM
I would say that if you don't know whether or not your camera is "professional", chances are it isn't.N

05-08-1998, 09:03 AM
I called Rupp Arena also, and they told me the same thing; if it "looks" professional then you can't have it. I'm stressing way too much over this camera thing; I'll have a heart attack before I ever make it to the concert. None of my pictures turned out from the last concert I went to and I really would like these to turn out. I've literally called and talked to a professional photographer to define a professional camera. For anyone who would like to know, her opinion is that anything that uses film other than 35mm is considered a professional camera. Realistically, anyone who is higher up in the arena, would have to have some type of zoom lens in order to get decent pictures, right? So, I'm going to take my (borrowed) zoom lens camera and hope for the best! Thank you to everyone who has helped clarify this camera question. N

Jill D
05-09-1998, 04:17 AM
I don't take the pictures in my family.....if you saw them you would know why...but I do carry and hand my hubby the film when requested etc.. Hubby wore the camera (with telepphoto lens, only 150 mm, already on it) around his neck as we walked in the arena and no one said anything - maybe they were more concerned with my sign than his camera! LOL. I do know that the lenses come off, so why not carry the telephoto, and have the regular lens on when you enter? Where there is a will, there is a way - and if you get some good shots - it is well worth the effort!N