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05-02-1998, 12:12 PM
Does anyone know if Garth will be at fan fair this summer?

05-02-1998, 05:30 PM
Good question. I was wondering the very same thing. I saw an ad in "Country Weelkly" about it, but it didn't say. There is a listing of the people scheduled so far at
<br> <A HREF="http://www.countrymusic.org/events/fanfair98.html" TARGET=_blank>www.countrymusic.org/events/fanfair98.html</A>
<br>Garth is not listed in there, but they said he wouldn't be at FanFair'96 either and he was. If any of you have that Garth luck and talk to him in G-Ville, don't forget to ask him.haha Thanks, Texas'nuttN

05-03-1998, 05:12 AM
I went to Fan Fair two years ago and even thogh there were NO scheduled Garth appearences, he did participate in it. THAT was the year that he signed autographs for 23 hrs. straight w/o any breaks. I believe that its due to Garth's tour and he not knowing if he will be able to make it with all the tour dates he has lined up.
<p>My personal belief is that (chances are) he will be there. Correct me if I'm wrong, but
<br>I don't think he has missed any of the fairs or if so, not that many. Fan Fair is so big
<br>and considered very important that I feel the artists try their best to never miss it.
<p>Hope this helps. Take care. CristinaN

05-03-1998, 06:28 AM
I called nashville and asked them. They said no scheduled appearances but the way it seems he seems to attend every other year. Last year he was not there. So this year he should be there. I wanted to go see him too. I hope that helps, but that's what one of the services in Nash. told me.N

05-03-1998, 06:47 AM
What is G-Ville?N

05-04-1998, 05:08 AM
<p>It is aka Nashville. Ya know......like Kmart this week is aka Gmart!
<p>Hope this clears thangs up for ya,countryfan!
<br>Take care. CristinaN

05-04-1998, 07:12 AM
Sorry bout that...didn't know it.!N