View Full Version : You Go Brandon!!

04-01-1998, 01:52 PM
WOW!! Check out this new look! :)
<br>Great new features. I luv it! And why am I surprised???? Shoot, Garthfans ALWAYS go first class ;)N

Debbie R
04-02-1998, 03:01 AM
I love the new look!! Especially adding the time to the last post date on the forum name.N

04-02-1998, 06:18 AM
WOW - this looks fantastic - just when you think it can't get better.

04-04-1998, 07:03 AM
Thanks all. I took a major break from the site over the past week or so, but I was able to add the newest upgrade to the this system. I'm glad you like it.