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04-03-2000, 04:58 PM
Ok, we all know about all the BS Garth goes thru with his record label, my question is why(??), Capitol and EMI should be <B>PRAISING</B> Garth, i bring this up because i was skimming thru the book "Dreaming Out Loud"(reading wherever Garth named showed up, which is ALOT, lol :))and i came across this: Garth is responsible for <B>90%</B> of Capitols profits and <B>60%</B> of EMI's profits in North America....why are they complaining???? I mean if i were a head of a label and i had a artist like Garth who made <B>MOST</B> of my money, i would try as hard as i could to be his best friend in fear of losing him, Garth even said that the head of Capitol tried to get <B>RID OF HIM</B> at one point.....i find this weird, i think these people need their heads checked ;)<P>aRiN

04-03-2000, 06:43 PM
It's really hard to understand music industry politics. The way I see it... no record label feels very comfortable with someone too sucessful. They like to have control over their talent. When one gets as big as Garth then they lose their ability to tell them what to do. Sure Garth is their meal ticket... but I'm sure there are things that they would have him do to squeeze out more money if he'd let them... and he wont. They'd probably like to charge more for the CD's for one thing. These industry types tend to only be able to see the dollar instead of the big picture.<P>Brian... if you want to talk about why Garth never got to Europe... you may want to ask Capitol instead of Garth... there might be an answer there. From everything I've read, Garth loves going to places all over the world. I wouldn't be surprised if the record label was the one that squawked at the cost of the tour and wanted the most bang for the buck. They get more sales out of the US and Canada so I think that he may have been pressured to concentrate there. Not a good excuse, I admit... but a plausible one. I don't think it's necessarily one that Garth would talk about either. I know other artists make money promoting themselves in Europe but those are primarily pop artists that cross-over more easily. Capitol probably didn't like the odds with a country act. Who knows.<P>Capitol-Nashville has made many mistakes in my book. They themselves are to blame for not supporting the other talent that they have... if they had done this... they'd be more stable. Many people like to lay this at Garth's feet... but that was all Capitol's doing. They've had some great people on their rosters but they've sat on their butts instead.<P>It probably would have been best for Garth to start his own record company but I think he's felt some loyalty to Capitol for giving him his start... and I'm sure it's much less hassle for him to let them handle all the little details than have to start up from scratch on his own.N

04-03-2000, 09:08 PM
Columbia isn't anybetter than Capitol.<P>Springsteen and George Michael have had the same problems.<P>It almost ruined GM's career.<P><BR><B>Snow</B><BR>EMI Denmark TRIED their best to get him here in 98 when he was SO close at seling gold with Sevens.<BR>He rejected, and you know why.<P>BrianN

04-04-2000, 01:02 AM
Why? I'm ignorant, forgive me. :)<P>Garth Always,<BR>DanielleN

04-04-2000, 02:11 AM
You know exactly why Danielle :)<P>He should have rushed over here in the spring of 98 when he had the time, infact he had nothing but time in 98 :)<P>BrianN

04-04-2000, 03:20 AM
I guess I am ignorant as well Brian... I don't know why.<P>As for EMI Denmark... they could lobby Capitol-Nashville all they want... but if Capitol wanted him to concentrate in the US in Canada... that is what they would have him do, no matter what EMI Denmark had to say about it.N

04-04-2000, 03:57 AM
Both of you know he was busy touring. :)<BR>And God forbid if he had to stop the tour for a lil while and disappoint his American fans.<BR>What a horrible thought.<P>BrianN

04-04-2000, 04:45 AM
Oh that...<P>Brian I thought you were going to come up with some amazing conspiracy like Garth hates Denmark for being the home of LEGOs. Perhaps he stepped on some of the kids pieces during the night and vowed never to set foot in Denmark again. They are a lot of fun for kids... until the next day when the pieces are scattered from one end to the house to the other. I am convinced that some of your little people (trolls?) are hiding in the box and then come out at night to place the LEGO's right where I'm going to step on them.<P>As for the tour... yes of course you are right the American portion got exteneded... that IS what we were talking about. I was only suggesting a reason. Capitol-Nashville probably preferred it that way. US customers account for probably 90% of Garth's CD sales... does it not make sense that Capitol would have pressured the tour to be extended in this way? I agree that it was not fair... but I am also suggesting that perhaps it was more than just a whim on Garth's part that it got changed... it may have been the record label at work.N