View Full Version : Do what you want to see Garth at FanFair2000?

04-03-2000, 12:11 PM
If you do, please go there <A HREF="http://www.countrycool.com/" TARGET=_blank>http://www.countrycool.com/</A> <P>TommyN

04-03-2000, 12:58 PM
i voted ;)<P>aRiN

04-03-2000, 02:15 PM
Thanks Tommy, I voted! Maybe he'll change his mind and show up afterall.<P>Cheryl<BR>N

04-05-2000, 05:49 PM
Hey Tommy! I voted too, but I don't think I get to go! Maybe next year! Thanks!<BR>Donna :)N

04-06-2000, 09:52 AM
I didn't find the poll :(, but I did see an article about Garth doing a song for the Movie "frequency"!! I saw an advertisement for the movie the other day and,I couldn't wait for it to come out and now I really can't wait!! :D The song is "when you come back to me" and the movie is about a guy who takes out his dad's old ham radio during a solar storm and picks up another radio user. It's his dad...who died 30 years before. It looks *really* good. The short article stated that Garth said it was helpful to him to be able to work on this kind of movie. :) There's other good stuff too, if you want to read the article :)<BR> <A HREF="http://www.countrycool.com/news/04_00/05feat_b.html" TARGET=_blank>www.countrycool.com/news/04_00/05feat_b.html</A> N