View Full Version : Garth involved with Dennis Quaid Movie...

04-03-2000, 06:03 AM
Hey Gang,<P>Did we know this?? I don't remember reading anything about here, but I could have just missed it.<P>Found this article about today's press conference and it mentions Dennis Quaid's new movie "Frequency".<BR> <A HREF="http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/000403/garth_broo_1.html" TARGET=_blank>http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/000403/garth_broo_1.html</A> N

04-03-2000, 08:52 AM
I think you have missed it :) ;)<P>It has been brought up a couple of times. but maybe that was when you were in Florida ;)<P>BrianN

04-03-2000, 10:51 AM
Garth should do a movie with a good actor like Tom Hanks or Kevin Spacey.N

04-03-2000, 11:24 AM
Known about it for some time, but thanks anyway Karin!<P>Cheryl<P>N