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Lost 'n' Garth
03-01-2000, 03:35 AM
First let start by saying HI!! to all the PGers I met while at S.T. I told you guys I do not post much but here I am with my mini moment with Garth and Sandy.<BR>Monday Feb. 28th a day I will always cherish! Drove to Port St. Lucie from my home in Ft. Lauderdale. Took time off from working at the hospital and brought the hubby with me for a day!! Got there to see Garth warming up but then he went to the main stadium for an intrasquad scrimmage. Got to see him from afar. The day went on and never got close to the man. Feeling pretty blue now! Then things changed. We were walking around the practice fields and who walks by but Sandy and the 3 girls. People gathered around her asking her for autographs and pictures. So I went up and asked for a picture with her, She sweetly said yes!!Told her to enjoy herself and hopes she gets to work on her tan. The poor gal at the same time being surrounded by people is trying to watch the girls and keep an eye on them. She definately is a class act!! Now my Garth moment. TA-DA. A small but a memorable one.<BR>Before I get into the mini moment let me tell you guys, this man is INCREDIBLE! (As if you didn't know). He is so personable to his fans. He doesn't coldly sign his name to each article but asks your name and signs it like he has known you for years.He has a smile and always a kind word, even for the obnoxious people who were throwing baseballs over the fence without him looking. I was scared he was going to get beaned on the head but being a nurse I would have promptly responded to the injured. LOL!!<BR>So here we go!! As you heard there was a fence seperating the fans from Garth while he signed that day. Again being the man he is, says he wants to sign and say hi to the kids first. Which I totally respect. Being a pediatric nurse, I know how important it is to kids to meet someone like this. An hour goes by and he still is signing and talking to everyone. Finally my moment to say Hi!! All the sudden I get shy or speechless because he is right in front of me, looking at me. Thank God for my husband. He asks Garth, " Will you sign my wife Cheri's Padre's jersey?"( of course #77) Then, (Amazing to me) does something that I didn't expect. He looks at me and says, "Cheri? You spell that C-H-E-R-I, right?" (I have always had trouble with people spelling my name because the common version is Sherry or Sheri but my mom had to be inventive and spell it like the French). I almost fell over dead. I asked him how he knew that and he just smiled big and kinda shrugged. Still in awe of the moment, I was saying to myself" come on Cheri say something to the man STUPID!" I finally heard my voice!! HALLELUJAH!! I told him "thanks for all the years he has given the fans and being as sweet as he is." Then I blurted out "I LOVE YOU GARTH!!" (MY poor husband. Why he puts up with me I don't know). Again he smiles that sweet smile and says "Thank You, Cheri". I walk away from the moment with my signed Padres jersey that says "Cheri- God Bless- Garth Brooks." Bad news is that I won't be wearing that jersey anymore since it is now in the process of being mounted under glass and preserved for life!!!! Well that is my moment. I am sure when the rest of the group comes back from S.T. they will have more exciting stories to tell. Being that I work alot at the hospital, it is hard to get up there more but I am going to try again to say hi to this incredible man and his family.<P>CHERI :)N

03-01-2000, 03:52 AM
LOL!!!<P>This moment is funny...LOL :D I'm sure that your husband will understand... Glad that you got your moment... Too funny... Thanks for making my day today.... ;)<P>Nelly<BR>and you got mail....N

03-01-2000, 06:01 AM
Cheri,<P>What a wonerful moment! So cool that he knew how your name was spelled! <P>Thanks so much for sharing your special moment :)<P>CCN

03-01-2000, 07:42 AM
Very cool. :)N

03-01-2000, 04:33 PM
What a great moment!!!!!And you really made my day with that funny story because it sounds so much like what I would do. I just know I would stand there and not be able to speak. Glad you had such a great time though and I am sure your husband understands. Thanks for sharing!!!! :DN