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04-13-1999, 03:02 PM
<b>Howdy y'all</b>,<P>I just read Garthmanrulz's post and she triggers me to post this topic :) Ok, honestly, I sing Garth's songs EVERYDAY (I don't think I'm the only person though..LOL). So, if you were to sing one song with him, what would that be?<P>Hmmmmmmmmmm..... I think I would like to sing <b>Friends in Low Places</b> or <b>Long Neck Bottle</b>.. you know. these fun songs that are VERY COOL to sing along.<P>C'MON, put your <b>7</b>-cents in!!<P>TommyN

04-13-1999, 03:11 PM
You know me, so I had to reply.<P>Some songs Id love to do with Garth is "Aint goin down" or "Watcha gonna do with a cowboy". To make it interesting, he'd be Chris Ledeux, and I'D BE GARTH. LOL.<P>Id also love to do the one with Steve Wariner "Burnin the roadhouse down".<P>ScottN

04-13-1999, 03:12 PM
Cool! :D Here are my <b>7</b>-cents lol!<BR>If I were to sing a song with garth I would say the duet "Wild as a wind" or "Friends in low places" defintely!! Or "To make you feel me love" because I would like to see his love in his eyes and hear his love through his voice! ;)<BR>MerellN

04-13-1999, 03:53 PM
Tommy,<P>I'm adding my 7-cents...If I were to sing a song with Garth it would have to be "Wild as the Wind" or "In Another's Eyes" looking right into Garth's eyes....oooooohhhhhhhh! :)<P>JulieN

04-13-1999, 04:03 PM
well on the wild side:<b>THE FEVER</b><BR>& on the "calmer" side(i know its not a word...but....)<b>THE DANCE</b> or <b>THE RIVER</b>......but any would do.....lol ;)<P>Ari&lt;---meN

04-13-1999, 04:18 PM
This one is sooooooo easy to answer ~ I fantasize about it all the time!!!!!!! I absolutely love the way this song sounds, it's one that he did with Tricia a long time ago ~ 'Like We Never Had a Broken Heart', and if I could have just one Garth fantasy come true, it would be to sing that song with him (preferably after having had a few voice lessons, so that Garth wouldn't be in any pain! hehe!) In fact, whenever I think about winning that backyard contest, I always run that little fantasy through my mind, singin' that song with him, in front of all the people here in my little town! That would be VERY COOL!!!!!!! N

04-13-1999, 04:33 PM
It would have to be something fun...so maybe <b>"Two Pina Coladas"</b> :)N

04-13-1999, 05:12 PM
Well... I would love to sing "You Move Me" <BR>with Garth.... <P>If I was feeling a little wild...definetely would want to sing "Ain't Going Down"!<P>N

04-13-1999, 05:35 PM
I don't think I would be able to sing, my mouth would be open drooling or I would be lying on the ground because I fainted. :) Maybe "AIN'T GOING DOWN TILL THE SUN COMES UP" I can't sing so it would have to be a fast loud sound like that. :)N

04-13-1999, 05:44 PM
I can't Sing I have a horrible voice but if Garth asked me to do it I would and I think I would sing Rodeo or Ain't Goin Down Till The Sun Comes Up. <P>Somthing Fast so no one could here my voice but I would do Just to be with Garth of corseN

04-13-1999, 06:12 PM
LOL :) <b>KRISTEN</b> :) I think I would have the same problem :)<P> :) <b>JARED</b> :) Nice to see ya posting again :)<P>OK to answer the question I can't choose If I really have to It would be <b>"Unanswered Prayers"</b> that song just gets to me :)<P>But I would sing just about any of his songs,Just to be able to sing with him would be an honour :)<P>Take Care<BR>Sue :)N

04-13-1999, 06:14 PM
I got a chance to sing a song with Garth it would have to be "Tearin' It Up Burnin' It Down" and "In Anothers Eyes". One for an upbeat number and one for a slow number. Off course I would have to have two. LOL<P>Country@Heart :)N

04-14-1999, 04:07 AM
<b>JulielvsGB</b> That song was the first one that came to mind when I read this post but I guess my choice would be "Two Of A Kind Workin On A Full House" because it's a fun song and because if I sang a ballad with him I'd pass out like <b>Kristen166</b> and <b>Garth</b> would pass out from the sound of my voice. By the way, <b>Kristen166</b>, you are too funny! :)N

04-14-1999, 06:04 AM
I think if I could KILLA(I mean sing) a song with Garth it would have to be "Standing out the fire" or "The thunder rolls"<P>TOMN

04-14-1999, 07:23 AM
Let's see...........<BR> I would like to sing Wild as the Wind, or there is a song that I have never heard him do live but really like it is Face to Face.<BR> A fast one....We Bury The Hatchet or FILP :)N

04-14-1999, 10:54 AM
WOW, lots of good responses :) Hey gal, don't pass out becuase that this is YOUR ONLY chance to sing with Garth!!! :o<P>Hmmmm... <b>We bury the hatchet</b> is good one to sing along :)<P>TommyN

04-14-1999, 04:25 PM
just ONE??????<BR>the thunder rolls OR<BR>IRELAND!!! OR<BR>Face to face OR<BR>against the grain<P>one of those four... 'cept the part where I can't singe very well. LOL :oN

04-14-1999, 04:47 PM
I know the question called for only ONE song, but I think I'll follow the pack:<P>for my wild side: -"Ain't Goin' Down" <P>for the rest of me: -"It's Your Song"<BR>&lt;that one especially, since I would kinda be singing it TO him at the same time, with him&gt;N

04-14-1999, 05:20 PM
Man, there are so many songs I would love to sing with him. I've been told I sound a little like him, so it would be nice to make the comparison live. I think for my wild side, it would have to be "Tearin it up, and Burnin it down." The slow one would be "Its your song." To be honest though, it would be an honor just to get the opportunity to sing any song with him. If he asked, after I picked my jaw up off the floor; he could call the shots though. <P>RickN

04-14-1999, 05:28 PM
This seems to be coming up more and more lately for some reason!! And of course once again I cannot choose ONE Garth tune. So I will go out of the realm of Garth to make my choice-- :)<P>If I were to sing a song with Garth[Fantasy Time--(at that campfire in the woods after riding all day-yes all family members welcome- :)] I would choose The Rose. I have, for a very long time, wanted to hear GB sing my all time favorite non-Garth tune. And if I could sing with him...Garthchills!!!!! :)N

04-14-1999, 05:46 PM
Peggy -<P>Sounds like you and I, both, have thought this one through, a long time before this question ever came up, huh?N

04-14-1999, 06:36 PM
<b>MGC4G</b><P>it's so weird but that has just been a thought in my mind so often lately!! <BR>Like I said "FANTASY TIME!!" :) :)<BR>N

04-14-1999, 06:40 PM
<b>MGC4G</b><P>I like your idea about the voice lessons- there are a few low notes in The Rose I can NEVER hit-- it would be fun though! (AS IF!!)N

Jeanette Miller
04-14-1999, 07:30 PM
I believe I'd like to sing, "Where Your Road Leads" with Garth, for the simple fact the way he treats Trisha when they sing that song together! I'd give anything to be her for that short moment in time!!! :)N

04-15-1999, 08:14 AM
This is easy for me. I'd sing "We Shall Be Free" with him and I'd try to sing "It's Your Song" to him. We Shall Be Free is easy because you don't have to be good, just loud. It's your song, I'd have a hard time with...especially if I were actually singing it to him. It would be a bit hard to stop the tears. Kinda like when Garth sang with James Taylor and he couldn't sing through his tears. That would be me.N

04-15-1999, 10:32 AM
I am new to the forum and very excited to be here!! I don't know anyone personally that is such a big fan as I am until now!! I would have to say the song for me would be "Shameless". Shameless gives me chills every time I hear it!!! :)<BR>N

04-15-1999, 04:00 PM
The Beaches of Cheyenne...but I already sang with him ...and you all did too at the concerts we went to...didn't you all sing every song with him? I know I did.N

04-15-1999, 07:47 PM
MountainGirlCrazy4Garth -<P>Ditto, ditto, ditto on "Like We Never Had A Broken Heart" !! The song gives me chills !! And when I'm singing along with it in the car (by myself, of course !!), I put myself in Trisha's place, and I'm singing into Garth's baby blues !! :o<BR>N

04-15-1999, 11:26 PM
<b>pajeco</b>,<P>Nicely said!! Didn't we all (almost) sing along with Garth when we're at the concert?...LOL..<P>THANKS FOR SHARING Pgers!!!<P><b>Gar7hFan </b>,<P>Hey, I am practicing [/b]It's your song[/b] everyday, so that we I go to Karaoke, I won't disgrace Garth's song :) I think it's funny that whenever I sang "It's your song", my arms just wanted to spread out like what Garth did--<b>"It's your song that gave me WIIINNNNNGGGSSSS"</b>.<P>TommyN

04-16-1999, 05:50 PM
<b>honky,</b><BR>Man, if you could ever see me when I'm in my truck driving down the road singing w/Garth on the radio! People look at me like I'm having seizures! I did sing one of his songs at karaoke in MD; I sand "One night a day." Everyone said I did a really good job on the song, but when I listened to the tape, you could tell I was nervous. Not at all how I imagined I would sound on tape! Let me know how things work out for you on the song. Y'all take care.<P>RickN

04-16-1999, 09:20 PM
sandytoo ~<P>I can TOTALLY relate!!!!!!! Looks like we have more in common than just standing next to each other in Peoria to get our autographs!!! Is that like the best Garth/Trisha song or what? You know what's really funny about that? When I went to Texas in November, and saw all three of his last concerts, I was in the process of writing him a letter to give to him before the weekend was over. I finished the letter after the first or second night (can't remember exactly), after I had seen him and Trisha sing together for the first time, and he had done 'Walkaway Joe' with her, which I knew she had recorded with someone other than Garth. So, in my letter to him, I told him that I would love to hear him do '...Broken Heart' with her, NOT REALIZING that HE WAS the guy who she had recorded the song with!!! Later on, when I realized that it was Garth, I felt so stupid about it, but, no biggie! His part in the song is more of a back-up part, and I had just listened to her 'Songbook' tape for the first time, on my way to Texas, and hadn't had a chance to look at all of the info in the case yet, and didn't realize that it was him. But, I do remember, distinctly, after having heard the song that first time, every time after that, I would fantacize about singing it with Garth, even before I knew that was him!!! And, you're right, that song just does something to me!!! Especially when it's just me and Garth and those baby blues you were talkin' about!!! Oh, Sandy, where is spring training when you need it??????? I can't take it anymore!!! I need a Garth fix!!!N

04-16-1999, 09:42 PM
<b>Gar7hFan</b>,<P>Oh god!! Me too, whenever I drive my car, I JUST BLAST MY SPEAKERS and roll down all the windows :D C"mon, imagine this, a Chinese pal singing Country songs, it is a bit strange huh?...LOL Anyway, WHO CARES!!!!<P>I taped my singing of "It's your song" and it was not too bad. I think I need to work on the chorus part because my voice didn't come out well... ;)<P>TommyN

04-17-1999, 09:02 AM
Excellent topic - haven't been around for a while and this got me thinking...of course, I'd be happy to try ( :D) and sing any song with Garth. My current choice would be American Honky Tonk Bar Association or The Fever. I just love to see Garth having fun and running around!N

04-18-1999, 02:02 AM
Tommy,<BR> What would be so funny about seeing a Chinese Garthaholic singing Country music driving in Canada????? hehehehehe<P>TOMN

04-18-1999, 03:40 PM
There are 2 songs that I would like to sing with Garth ~ "A World Without You" (he sang it on the Red Cross Special) and "The Dance". Both are soooooo true and reflect how I feel about him and his music.<P>MichelleN

04-18-1999, 03:56 PM
Y'all keep talking about Garth's "baby blues". What about those lips? I think they're the best lips I've ever seen. Check out the picture on the cover of George. Am I right...or what?N

04-18-1999, 04:55 PM
Gosh, this is a hard one! I guess I would probably choose "It's Your Song" because it's my favorite, or "The Dance" because it's his fave and it would be such an honor to sing it with him!<P>I also think it would be cool to do "Ain't Goin' Down" just to see if I could actually get all those words in before I passed out from lack of oxygen....lol! :)N

04-19-1999, 06:46 PM
MountainGirlCrazy4Garth - I agree with you, I think that we do have more in common than just standing beside each other in Peoria !! And I'm also in dire need of a Garth fix !! Maybe I'll take a drive to Nashville, it's not that far from me !! :D :D<P>Crackers - you are right about the lips !! Sometimes it's a toss up for me between the eyes and the lips !! :D :D<P>N

04-19-1999, 07:34 PM
<BR>.......and he can sing, too! Can it get any better than that?N

04-20-1999, 04:57 AM
If I had to pick a Garth song to sing with him (after extensive voice lessons...LOL) it would be <b>LIKE WE NEVER HAD A BROKEN HEART </b><P>The non-Garth song would be <b>NOBODY </b>by Keith Sweat.<P>Then to make both songs come true....OOOOOOHHHH LALALALALAL!!!!!N

04-20-1999, 06:45 AM
My favorite song to sing-a-long with is "Learning to Live Again". Everytime I hear this song something touches me. As for singing with Garth, we would have to be in an awfully big, open place, because no one could stand my vocal abilities. My husband always says I'm ruining the song for every one else.<P>Jackie J N

04-20-1999, 12:30 PM
It took me a while to respond to this question because I really had to think about it. But after I saw the rerun of Garth & Trisha on Crook and Chase, I'd love to sing "Heart Like A Sad Song" off of Trisha's new album w/Garth! They do an amazing acoustic version of this song and I just think it is a great song anyway :)N

04-22-1999, 01:11 PM
What a great question!! I know we all fanitisize about this anyway so heres my 7 cents!<BR> I too am not able to pick just one, so my fast song with him would be the one he does of Billy Joel--(You may be right) Wouldnt it be the COOLEST if I could sing it with him and BILLY!! OHH MYYY GODD!! <BR>ANyway-Slow song--2 of em.."Like we never had a broken heart" and "Its your song" I would be singing it to him like he sings it to his crowd...with all the feeling I have in my whole body and mind!<BR>And i always pretend to be trisha on the other song...I cant even imagine what I would even do if I could actually sing with "The Man" I think I would just throw up. =)LOL<P>N

04-22-1999, 03:16 PM
Unanswered Prayers for SURE! In my opinion, that and The River are his two best. I really like the two live versions too.<BR>We Shall Be Free is cool too!N

04-22-1999, 03:34 PM
<b>Thanks for everyone's reply</b> :D<P>Some really interesting responses, I like them! Ok, I have thought about the songs that I would like to sing with Garth again, and my answers always changed from time to time. This time, I would like tos sing "Not Counting You" or "Standin' outside the fire" with him! TWO GREAT HITS!<P>TommyN

04-23-1999, 11:44 AM
I would want to sing We Shall Be Free with Garth as an upbeat song, second choice would be Friends in Low Places. As a love song I would want to sing "In Anothers Eyes" as my first choice and "To Make You Feel My Love" as a second choice. I cannot sing at all so it would really be a fantasy for me!! A girl can dream......N

04-27-1999, 09:28 PM
Tommy, <P>You always come up with the most fun and enchanting questions! :)<P>I'm glad I got to this post before it expired. The answers have been great reading! Sounds like Garth has alot of possibilities for some new duet partners, lol.<P>If I ever got my "fantasy" chance of singing a song with Garth, think I'd like to sing "Where Your Road Leads", or "A Friend To Me".<P>Boy, wouldn't it be fun if us fans ever got together for a Garth Karaoke night! LOL<P>Keep up the singing people! We just never know when our dreams will come true. :)<BR>gb4you<BR>N

04-27-1999, 11:21 PM
<b>gb4you</b>,<P>Seems to me you missed a couple days here at PG huh? ;) Yeah, this is a FANTASY question. Very interesting reponses here, I guess we all have our own "fantasy" moment to sing songs with Garth...LOL<P>TommyN

04-28-1999, 11:55 AM
I think I'd sing 1.THE DANCE<BR> 2.In Anothers Eyes<BR> 3.Wild As The Wind N

04-28-1999, 02:09 PM
I haven't read this post in a while, but what caught my eye was Crackers response. Yes, Garth has luscious lips to go with them baby blues. lol I've always noticed them too, they look very soft and inviting. :)WOOHOO! what I wouldn't give to have those lips plant a big one right on the... cheek. lol Hehehe(if he kissed anywhere else, we'd have to be surgically seperated. ROFL)<P> Have a Garthriffic day,<BR>Ellie :)<P><BR>Leave it to me to bring the topic down to my level. :) :)N

04-28-1999, 07:07 PM
Okay, if I had to pick one song to sing with Garth, it would be "It's Your Song." Now I can't sing at all (trust me you don't want to hear me), but if I could that's the song it would be. That's because it's how I see Garth in a lot of ways. I've never even meet him, but he's had more of an impact on my life than almost anyone. (It's a long story!) Anyway, that would be the song I would choose for sure.<P>LisaN

05-03-1999, 04:03 PM
DEFINITELY It's Your Song... and Wild As The Wind... I gotta say though, that (though not in completely immediate respects) I got to sing harmony (quietly) to YOu Move Me in Nashville.... That man just... is king!!! and his eyes are SOOOO intense.... *S*....N

05-03-1999, 09:54 PM
I would love to sing <b>Shameless</b> with Garth, but I don't think that would make a very good duet. So, I would have to say <b>In Another's Eyes</b>. What I wouldn't give to have Garth look at me the way he looks at Trisha when he sings that song. I would just melt staring into those baby blues.<P><b>sandytoo and MountainGirlCrazy4Garth-</b><BR>I definitely agree, I need to be back at spring training with Garth. I need a major Garth fix. But sandytoo, we'll be there and hopefully see the man in G-minus 41 days and counting. N

05-03-1999, 10:59 PM
Okay, I must know, what's G-minus 41 days? What are you two up to this time?N

05-04-1999, 04:39 AM
<b>MountainGirlCrazy4Garth</b>,<P>That has to be <b>sandytoo</b> and <b>shmlss4gb's</b> trip to Fan Fair next month, which I am <i>extremely</i> jealous about!<P>PaulaN

05-04-1999, 07:28 AM
<b>PAULA</b> <P>You are exactly right :). FanFair here we come!!! Why don't you come with us and join in the fun? :)<P>N

05-04-1999, 01:02 PM
<b>Terri</b>,<P>I thought Garth won't be at the Fan Fair for this years'. Are you sure he will show up? Because I heard someone saying that he won't go this time. I am not sure.<P><BR>TommyN

05-04-1999, 04:12 PM
<b>Tommy</b><P>I don't know for sure whether Garth will be there or not. It's just the power of positive thinking :). I really hope that he does show up, he has showed up before when he wasn't scheduled to be there. But even if Garth does not show up at FanFair, there is plenty more to do while in TN.N

02-15-2000, 08:10 PM
<B>Hey people</B>, this is one of my older topics, but I figure there are many newbies lately, this one is worth replying to :)<P>Ummmmm, I have changed my mind! I would love to sing <B>TWO PINA COLADAS</B> and <B>WE SHALL BE FREE</B> with Garth!! If it is possible!<P><BR>Come on, add your <B>7</B>-cents in :)<P>TommyN

02-15-2000, 09:30 PM
I would love to sing "The Change" or "The Dance" with Garth. Ok, this is hard cuz there's so many.....but I'd really love to sing "Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old" with him too! Come on people now...... :D I'm still pretty much a "newbie!"<P>Amy :)N

02-15-2000, 10:15 PM
<B>Amy</B>,<P>YOU ARE NOT A NEWBIE!! :D Many people already knew who you are!! :) <P>I think it would be cool if all of us could sing FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES with Garth :o <P><BR>I volunteer to open the <I>beer can</I> :)<P>TommyN

02-16-2000, 02:14 AM
I sing with Garth every day now. Got the headphones on and me n Garth go for it. The only drawback is that my family throws stuff at me because, well, I can't carry a tune. But I never let that stop me before ( I think I secretly enjoy torturing them) - so I must away Garth and I are doing a duet next, must'nt keep him waiting.<BR>Ana<BR>N

02-16-2000, 05:18 AM
I'd love to sing "Much too Young..." just because I love it or "Two of a Kind..." because I would love to say "we really fit together..." ;). <BR>Yea, it would be really cool if we could all sing FILP with him. N

02-16-2000, 08:01 AM

02-16-2000, 08:07 AM
hmmmmm I'd have to choose "To Make You Feel My Love" Or "Two Pina Coladas" :) My son says I sound like Lila Mckann (sp?) when I sing LOL So, maybe I wouldn't do too bad ;)<P>MargaretN

02-16-2000, 12:03 PM
Hmmm, I would probably take Two Of A Kind :)<P>I don't know why, I just like the song :)<P>BrianN

02-17-2000, 05:34 AM
Having had surgery on my vocal cords I couldn't sing with Garth. Sometimes I can't even talk out loud....part of the pleasure anymore of listening to him sing the songs I'd like to....<P>I'm just happy to hear him sing....<P>HawkN

02-17-2000, 05:49 AM
I don't know if I could pick just one! My all time favorite song ever & not just because it's Garth is "The Dance" so that would probably be it. But I could handle any one of the following too: One Night A Day, The Change, In Another's Eyes, Unanswered Prayers, Mr. Right, Every Now And Then, Learning To Live Again, The River, Shameless, Everytime That It Rains, Alabama Clay, Cowboy Bill, I Know One. Hmmmm, is that it? Probably not but you get the idea, it really wouldn't matter! This was a fun question! :) :) :)N

02-17-2000, 05:52 AM
OOPS I forgot 2 more that I would absolutely love to sing with him! :) To Make You Feel My Love & She's Gonna Make It! Sorry I had to post twice! :)N

02-17-2000, 06:32 AM
A Friend to me....N

02-17-2000, 10:17 AM
I'd have to take Grath down to my local bar where I do Kareoke (what ever the spelling is) And do "friends in low places" I sing it there all the time and everyone goes nuts can only imgane the reaction I get singing it with him. either that or much to youngN

02-17-2000, 10:27 AM
<B>IceWayreth</B>,<P>The correct spelling is "KARAOKE" :D I also love to sing FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES in KTV (ok, it's private rooms with karaoke system)!! My friends were rolling on the sofa when I first sang the song :o :)<P><BR>TommyN

02-17-2000, 11:59 AM

02-17-2000, 11:16 PM
if i were to sing w/ him it would have to be something romantic like wild as the wind or anothers eyes. or how about making the song whats she doing now a duet (kinda in the same style as the brooks and dunn/ reba song if you see her/if you see him)N

02-17-2000, 11:23 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Peggy:<BR><B>MGC4G<P>it's so weird but that has just been a thought in my mind so often lately!! <BR>Like I said "FANTASY TIME!!" :) :)</B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>Well, I bet they looked like garth himself when he saw himself on TV in the "This Is Garth Brooks Too!" special ;) ;)<BR>I would LOVE to hear you sing the song..... or would I?? ;)<P>BrianN

02-18-2000, 01:04 AM
IN ANOTHER EYES or IT"'S YOUR SONG !!! I also love Unanswered Prayers,Shameless, and Wild As The Wind!!! I Hope everyone Here knows That In another's eyes and Wild As The Wind were both By Ms. Victoria Shaw aswell as The River- Garth's Version ! I have met her "COOL Lady" !!! She has a Web site @ Victoria Shaw.net if you are interested!!!! N

02-18-2000, 12:38 PM
If he let me pick the song, I probably couldn't but...If I had time to think about it I would say "If tomorrow never comes".<P>Of course security would have to scoop me off the floor when it was through...<P>Daf ;)N

02-20-2000, 09:54 PM
anyone know where I can get a copy of this is grath brooks too.. When it was on I was working and just remebered about it when pilgrim put up his post...I never seen It and I really need to get my hands on a cpy any info would be great.. please mail to: Icewayreth@aol.comN

02-21-2000, 02:04 AM
Unanswered Prayers would be my Garth duet, though there's an Irish song I'd love to sing with him too, just for the chorus. The song is called The Island, and the chorus goes like this:<P>"I want to take you to the island,<BR>And trace your footprints in the sand,<BR>And in the evening when the sun goes down<BR>We'll make love to the sound of the ocean."<P>Angela xN

03-11-2000, 07:45 AM
Well, I know I'm a little bit late, but I was surprized, when I saw only two people say, that they would sing ''Unanswered prayers'' with our Man. It just killed me. <BR>And you know what?<BR>People should belive in God more often these days :)<BR>This is where all the HOPE is coming from!<P>Love, ya, <BR>LidijaN

03-11-2000, 09:42 AM
Well, better late than never, but I would have to pick SHAMELESS because I just love that song. Also, I could see Garth do the Shameless swivel up close!!!! I would also like to sing "To Make You Feel My Love" with Garth. That song just does it for me and if I sang both of those songs with him I coud die a happy woman! N

03-11-2000, 10:32 AM
hands down the song that gets to me every time i hear it .. "if tomorrow never comes"N

03-11-2000, 02:14 PM
If I was going to sing a song with The Man, it would have to be either "Shameless" or "You Move Me" I love those songs and i would be siging them TO him :)<BR>He is the hottest guy in music today. The most talened and the most original too.<BR> JillN

03-11-2000, 07:17 PM
Mine would be To make you feel my love or That ol' wind OR The river but I thnik To make you feel my love is my all time fav.I would love to sing that with Garth but if Garth let me sing that by myself I do a more better. (I mean I'd sound better by myself.)if garth came in to B.C. again we sell out the show so fast it will make Garth a little dizzy. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) N

03-11-2000, 11:33 PM
It's interesting to read what songs would people want to sing with Garth (if that's possible!!) <P>I agree, "Unaswered Prayers" is just awesome!! <P><BR>I would also love to sing "The River" with Garth.. it's an inspiring song!!<P><BR><B>Cowgirl</B>,<P>Yeah... I will help you out and make sure that GARTH SOLD OUT VERY VERY FAST!!!<P><BR>TommyN

03-14-2000, 12:38 PM
I would would sing "Wild As The Wind". N

03-15-2000, 04:23 PM
Looks evryone likes to sing like Garth.<BR>I am not an exception. Actually, I like sing his songs with Karaoke.<BR>I am looking for Garth's CDs (not tapes) as below. Amazon said they are sold out.<P>Vol. 1-Hits Of Garth Brooks [KARAOKE]<BR>Vol. 2-Hits Of Garth Brooks [KARAOKE]<P>Does anyone has them? If so, can I buy your his Karaoke CDs?<BR>Or does anyone know where I can buy them?<P>Please help me!!N

03-16-2000, 12:09 PM
I am an entertainer myself and always open my show with 'aint goin' down...'. But I would have to say my one song to sing with garth would be either 'If tomorrow never comes' or 'The thunder rolls'N

03-23-2000, 06:15 AM
HOWDY! "The Dance" "If Tomorrow Never Comes" "One Night A Day" "The River" "Friends In Low Places" Cowboy Cadillac" "To Make You Feel My Love" Anything that man sings, well, You wouldn't have to ask me twice!! Does he sing a bad song? NOT! Can't be done!!!<BR>Donna :)N

03-23-2000, 06:19 AM
HOWDY! "The Dance" "If Tomorrow Never Comes" "One Night A Day" "The River" "Friends In Low Places" Cowboy Cadillac" "To Make You Feel My Love" Anything that man sings, well, You wouldn't have to ask me twice!! Does he sing a bad song? NOT! Can't be done!!!<BR>Donna :)N

03-23-2000, 06:23 AM
<B>pjhiro</B><P>Sorry :( I couldn't find them :o <P>Maybe you can find them on ebay :) <A HREF="http://www.ebay.com" TARGET=_blank>www.ebay.com</A> <P>So, are you real Japanese? :)<BR>That's cool with HUGE Japanese and Chinese Garth fans :D<P>BrianN

03-23-2000, 06:24 AM
BTW Welcome to PG :D :D<P>BrianN

03-25-2000, 06:25 AM
I think I would sing &lt;b&gt;"American Pie"&lt;/b&gt;. That is my favorite he ever sings, and I know it is only live, but oh well.N

11-01-2000, 08:44 PM
just thought i dig this up from early year... dated back to April 13 1999, started by Honky... :eek:
<br>humm i would like to sing "the dance" with him.. but if to have another choice.. it would be "friends in low places" and if it is near season christmas.. i hope to sing "Belleau Wood" with him to everyone who has conflict now/then... :P :)
<br>:( but i guess i am way above number of choices... so the only song among those i listed here (and those i can sings/favourite) at this time now.. would be "The Dance". :) :P

11-02-2000, 04:09 AM
Ain't Goin' Down til The Sun Comes Up
<br>Because I FINALLY Know all the wordsl
<br>And it would be a blast to sing it with him.
<br>I think I would even do better than Billy Joel, since he didn't know the words.
<br>Shelly PaN

11-02-2000, 05:31 AM
One song? AUGH!! That's soooo hard to do just one song!!!:eek:
<br>Okey if it's a Garth song ~ Cowboys and Angels or One Night a Day:)
<br>Or a cowboy song then Strawberry Roan or [b]Spanish is the loving tongue.[b/]:)
<br>But i know in the next few minutes any one of these could be changed. :P
<br>i'd probably start crying at the end of Spanish is the loving tongue though cos it's so sad. It's a beautiful song though.
<br>take care,

11-02-2000, 06:07 AM
I always sing harmony or in octaves to the love songs so I can treat them like they're already duets with me. :) To songs like FILP and Aint Going Down, I just scream like a tonedeaf banshee.
<br>So if I had pick one of his for a real-life duet with me and the big guy, then it would be Which One of Them . But, like others have said, that choice might be different tomorrow. N

11-02-2000, 07:18 AM
I would love to do a duet with Garth singing The Red Strokes off of his In Pieces cd. I would also like to do a video with him doing the song. I can imagine singing with him and he is looking in my eyes. You probably would have to pick me off the floor!N

11-02-2000, 12:48 PM
I would probably have to pick: Ain't Goin' Down, Rodeo, The River,The Dance, Unanswered Prayers, We Shall Be Free... :) :)
<br>Vanessa :)N

11-02-2000, 01:40 PM
There is only one song in the whole wide world I have any disire to sing with him..."Hard Luck Woman". Gee, I wonder why? :) :) :) :) ;) ;) ;) lol

11-02-2000, 07:17 PM
Hi Kel,
<br>This is fun to think about, I am glad you brought this thread back! Thanks Tommy for starting it in the first place.
<br>I would never attempt to sing a Garth song with Garth, knowing my singing capabilities, I would just ruin anything I attempted. But for "fantasy" sake, let's pretend I could sing (big fantasy ~ big stretch of anyone's imagination!!! LOL) There is only one song I can think of..."With You I am Born Again" originally by Billy Preston & Syreeta. This has got to be one of the most melt your heart romantic songs, made to be done in a duet. Anyone familiar with it?
<br>Mary LizN

11-03-2000, 05:41 AM
Wow, excellent choice Mary Liz! :cool:

11-03-2000, 07:35 AM
She's Every WomanN

11-03-2000, 08:23 AM
Friends in Lo-o-w Places!! ;)
<br>Sue :cool:N

ann middleton
11-03-2000, 09:41 AM
I t would have to be "Aint goin down till the sun comes up" or "Much to young to feel this damn old" and definatly Two pina coladas And for a soppy one it has to be you move me,
<br>Heck i could sing all week with him given the chance!.
<br>Ann N

11-03-2000, 12:06 PM
"You may be right..I may be crazy" Billy Joel song, but Garth did an AWESOME duet with him at Central Park. Check it out at Napster.

11-04-2000, 08:05 AM
I'd sing "Standing Outside the Fire" because it helps me to realize that just because I'm physically challenged, I can't let that stop me from doing what I want and I'd sing "It's Your song" to my motherand the rest of my family because they have never put me down.N

11-07-2000, 02:42 AM
I think I would have to sing "The Dance", "To Make You Feel My Love" and for my non-Garth song "I Swear" by John Michael Montgomery.
<br>I wouldnt mind doing "American Pie" with him either. I love his version of that song! Also like "You May Be Right" from the Central Park Concert w/ Billy Joel.
<br>Actually, I would sing ANY song with Garth that he wanted me to. It wouldnt matter to me. :)N