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02-11-2000, 07:11 PM
Hey y'all. I know it's gonna sound crazy, but...I talked to Garth this past Sunday. <P>*ducking the slaps and punches for holding out on PG* LOL<P>It was totally on luck that he was actually in town. I drove to "the gates" to give him a birthday card and something for Chris. The birthday card had a $50 check for Touch Em All...needless to say, he liked that. :) <BR>The thing for Chris was a mock CD single of "Driftin Away." I drew a pic of Chris from the pic on here out of the VH1 Special Photo Shoot. The one where he's in a black velvet hood.(I think it's number 7, if ya care, lol) And on the inside I wrote, "Hey, Chris, if 'Driftin Away' ever becomes your next single, I just wanted to say: <I>Answered</I> prayers are cool, too." <BR>And I also had promised to try to get a few autographs, so I took their CD booklets, just in case, and my Limited Series piano book.<P>So...with that out of the way, I'm sure you're wondering what the heck happened that took twenty minutes, huh? Here goes...<BR>I won't bore you with the happenings of the whole day, since Garth didn't come home til that night...but I got there around 9:30 am and waited. While I was waiting for him, whenever I would turn my car back on to get some heat goin, Garth would be on the radio. It was "pleasantly spooky." ;) I heard "She's Every Woman," "Somewhere Other Than the Night," "Two of a Kind," and "Much Too Young..."<P>Flashfoward, it was a little after ten..he SPEEDS up in the blue duelly. I’m glad I was in my car, cuz I woulda been killed, all right? lol I jolt back to life, cuz I had waited for a while, no big deal. “oh my god, It’s Garth...Garth" and I find my compsure. (Like I’d never seen him before, pfffh) <P>There was one other couple there with things for him to sign and one guy with some form for Garth, but he didn't stay long. He hugs the couple first..."Hey, how you been?" They knew each other obviously, because Garth asked if the guy had talked to "somebody," I couldn’t hear. Garth said, “Sorry I’m late, I know we tried for 9:30, but…” (I don’t know how they had met before)<P>I start walking from my car and he starts walking towards me. I get a BIG bear hug hello (Gawd! he smelled so good)<BR>“Hey! how you been doing?” <BR>“Fine. How are you?”<BR>“Sigh…(trailed off)…mm”<P>Then he turned to guy with the form that was there and he said, “Let me get you first cuz I know you gotta get goin."<BR>The guy asks about us 3(me and the couple) behind Garth and he says, "Naw, I know them all from way back when.” (thinking, “he knows us from way back when??" heehee! I KNOW he knew the other two, but…just that he included me, he had to have recognized me...kewl) <BR>I was talking to the woman from the couple about college and how she was at Belmont and such, when Garth turns back to us and says, “Anybody got a Sharpie?” <BR>Woman: “Yeah, I got one.” <BR>GB: “ohh, thanks…You Know I love Blue.”<BR>And Garth finishes with whatever form that guy had.<P>Garth turns back around to us, small talk starts between him and the couple, but I got to watch, LOL. All of a sudden, Garth raises his arms to the sky in a BIG stretch, and his shirt lifts up. Needless to say I noticed, lol and saw the top of his briefs and his whole tummy, heehee!! (All I can say is da man...needs a tan. lol But I mean that in the nicest way. :)) <BR>Then Garth says, “I’m sorry for looking like this...ya know, in my pj’s.”(btw, Garth was wearing his Chris LeDoux b-ball cap, his tan suede jacket, his Timberlands, a grey t-shirt, and flannel pj bottoms) And we’re all making motions like, ‘oh pfffh, don’t worry about it.’<P>Garth walks over to the woman’s truck where she had lots of CD and pictures of Garth for him to sign.<BR>GB: “What do we got here? oh, it looks like you already got em all ready, cool.” So he starts signing stuff...<BR>His shadow blocks the light behind him, so he had to walk towards me and turn to lay it on her truck to write. I was standing by him so I stepped back and “let him.” LOL<P>He picks up a “Magic of Christmas."<BR>GB: “Who’s this for?”<BR>(there was a post-it inside it with the name and “first Christmas” written on it, aww)<BR>Woman: “Nic…yeah, it’s his first Christmas.” <BR>So he’s signing and I’m turning my neck to watch him. I say, kinda softly, "Now, that’s a Christmas present." <P>I start looking at the pics she’s got, like, one with him and Billy Joel...all sorts of stuff.<BR>Woman: “Everything else is for me, I think…yeah.” <BR>He picks them up and signs them one by one.<BR>GB: “Sorry we’re working with just this light…” <BR>And he kinda turns so he can see again<BR>GB: “Oh, now this is art."<BR>And picks up the cardboard case for a “Garth Brooks” record, and looks to me. :)<BR>GB: "It’s big, ya know, and you can hold it...Nowadays, everything’s gotta be small and you can’t see anything.” <BR>(all I can do is nod, lol)<BR>He keeps signing stuff and the woman asks, “You still working on Ty’s album?”<BR>GB: “Yeah…we’re mixin’ now. Finally in the home stretch.”<BR>Then the woman asked how the girls were.<BR>GB: "oh, Taylor’s huge!" :D <BR>And he puts out his hand like he’s measuring her height and starts jokin..."Ya know, and you just can wrap your arm around her head.”<BR>“They’re doin everything. Swimming, gymnastics, and all that. The way I punish them is to pull them apart. oh, They hate it. Ya know, Taylor got separated from the other two cuz they put her in an older swimming class..and she came home and said, “I don’t want to do it anymore.”” (aww)<P>Then the woman asks, "Your Dad doin okay?"<BR>GB: "mm...Dad visited this weekend. But, ya know when he goes home…it’s just (He Sighs and lets his shoulders drop) "99 just sucked…with losing Mom, and everything…”<BR>The guy from the couple asks even he meant to include the music as well under "sucked." <BR>GB: “No, the music was good. Those two hours…but…the other 22 were just…(shaking head). "But, Man(*smile*)…I’ve been goin to their(girls') gymnastics meets and..Sandy took ‘em to Tae Kwon Do. And I asked her, “Now…you took em...for you, right?” And she’s like, “yeah, I did.” “Well, do you want to do Tae Kwon Do?” And she’s like, “Yeah, I do!” “So then do it!” and she’s a green belt now and she went to an International Tournament…and won(*shocked face*). I mean, she just kicked everybody’s ass…lol. I was amazed.”<BR>Woman: “So you’re saying “yes, ma’am” a lot more now, I suppose.”<BR>GB: “yeah…but I can still melt her. Flowers will do it.” (he was kinda quiet, so I couldn’t make it all out, but he was so..."proud" of his "melting abilities" ;))<P>Then the guy from the couple asked about getting with the Mets. <BR>GB: “Ya know, it’s all through the Foundation. The woman asked what number he’ll be.<BR>GB: “Well, seven was taken and that was the one I wanted. So I said, “screw it, give me what’cha got.” So they started going through the numbers they had, ‘one’...I’ll take it. So I’m the number one, the first locker, the first guy out there, it’s gonna be great.”<P>(now I get to talk, lol...you were wondering if I ever got in the story, didn't ya? ;))<BR>Garth looks to me. I’ve got my CD and bday card in one hand, and my Limited Series piano book and two CD booklets in the other. <BR>I say, “This is the only one that’s for me.”(pointing to the piano book.) He takes it.<BR>GB: “And what was your name for me again?” <BR>Me: “Stephanie.” <BR>(I was juggling in my head whether to joke and say, “you don’t remember?” lol...but I didn’t)<BR>GB: “S, T, E, P, H, A, N, I, E?”<BR>Me: “yep.”<BR>(while he was signing)<BR>Me: ”Ya know, I can alllmost play them all.” <BR>GB: (wide eyed) “oh, you play piano?..or guitar?”<BR>Me: “yeah, I play piano. …no, my guitar’s sitting in my room. Haven’t learned how to play it yet.”<BR>GB: “Well, ya know(flipping through book)..I can hardly play half of these. I mean, I’m not…I don’t know who charts these out here.”<BR>Me: “Yeah? ...Well, I’ve found a few mistakes, actually.”<BR>GB: “Really?”<BR>Me: “mm-hmm.”<BR>GB: “Good girl!” :D<BR>Me: “Yeah, like..a chord symbol will be wrong..and I’m thinking, “That…that’s not the right chord.””<BR>GB: “(giggle)..Well, if you listen to the Double Live album, I bet you can find a LOT more mistakes! lol”<BR>Then I handed him other CD booklets.<BR>Me: “This one is for Ellie...E, L...E, L, L, I, E. Obviously from Canada.(Canadian 1st edition Sevens) <BR>GB: “Cool. Ya know, we got three of these for the girls.” <BR>(I giggled)<BR> Me: “…And this one is for Amanda.” <BR>GB: “A, M, A, N, D, A..?"<BR>Me: “As...far as I know. If not, (shrug) oh well.” (joking around, I knew he was right.)<BR>Me: “I meant to get these done at the last Crook and Chase, but…didn’t get to it.”<BR>GB: “ahh…Ya know, everyone around me..well, not the press, but everyone has been real sweet about the announcement about their show.” <BR>Me: “mm-hmm. Oh, I meant to ask you, this is gonna sound crazy, but…my friend from Georgia, Debbie, you met her at the last Crook and Chase. She’s the woman who hugged you and wouldn’t let go…?” (He got the BIGGEST smile on his face. THAT was just for you, sis.) <BR>GB: *giggle* "oh yeah?”<BR>Me: “She sent you a package with three angel ornaments in it.”<BR>GB: “For Christmas, or my birthday?”<BR>Me: “Your birthday…to GBManagement, I believe. It woulda have been within the last week, or so.”<BR>GB: “No, I don’t think I’ve gotten them yet.” (meep, :( ...but who knows how many packages he’s got to go through, right?)<BR>So I continued...<BR>Me: “oh, and these are for you. Well, actually, the cd is for Chris, but...I figure since you know him so well, ya know.” ;)<BR>GB: “Very Cool." (opens it and reads message) “Awww, that’s cool. Ya know, it’s my favorite song.”<BR>Me: “Mine, too.” :D<BR>(then he opens "homemade" bday card, lol, and turns sideways to read the check)<BR>GB: “Awwwwww…you’re sweet. They’ll love it." <BR>And he gives me another BIG bear hug. “The kids thank you. (He notices the writing and the poem(New Year's Resolution) in it) "I’ll read the card when I get inside.”<BR>Me: (I was thinking..how ‘bout Now, but I said “Okay.”)<BR>GB: “Let me go put these in my truck.” <P>Goes to truck, then he came back and we continued to talk.<BR>GB: ”oh, Have y’all seen Sandy? Man, she’s looking so good! She's done her hair with, like, blackened tips and it's blonde on top. And she's feelin really good about herself.”<BR>He also mentioned he’s gonna be in the show for the...oh, jeesh, Oscars, I believe.<BR>GB: “Yeah, it’s gonna be cool. The supposed cast is me, Aretha Franklin, (another guy I can’t remember), and...the guy with two first names...oh, George Michaels. The show’s about Music that has changed the movies."<BR>Man(from couple): “huh, Music that…?” and trailed off.<BR>GB: “Yeah, like (*Singing*..with a smile :D) ‘When you wish upon a staaaarrrr..’ and...‘Sommmmmewheeeeere over the rainboooow’...and then he played a little air guitar and sang a line from another one I didn’t recognize..."And, umm, ‘Raindrops keep fallin on my head’ and stuff like that. Things from before the 80’s.”<BR>Me: “Oh, mmm, I wasn’t born yet.” (teehee)<BR>GB: (sarcastically) “Oh, complain, complain.” and he made a cute face, scwunching up his upper lip. (heehee!...and yes, "scwunching" is a word. My word, lol.)<P>Then Garth walked to the guy's car(the woman and man had come separately) who had stuff for him to sign...pictures and a poster, I think. They were laughing and chatting.<BR>Man: "Yeah, Garth, I was going around my basement, and I just found this junk I had..."<BR>GB: "Junk?? Man, this is <I>art</I>, lol."<P>I was talking to the woman again and that’s when I noticed it. My knees were actually shaking, wobbling. It had never happened like this before. I was scared I was gonna fall over, lol. I had to keep shifting my weight.<BR>Me: “Man, my knees are actually shaking.”<BR>Woman: “Maybe it’s cuz of that Garth guy over there.”<BR>Me: *giggle* "Pfffh, nah.” ;)<BR>I turned back to look at Garth as he finishes signing things. Ya know, Garth gets cold real fast, heehee. Periodically, he would jump and down...and this time, he went “Brrrrrrr!!” and let his lips tremble cuz he was shivering. (needless to say, "so cute")<P>The other woman got her camera out, and I said, “That’s what I forgot!” and pulled my camera out of my pocket. I didn’t even ask, and she took it and said with a smile, “We can get yours first.” I was like, “oh…okay, thanks!” Then we were both trying to get his attention, real politely, the woman said, “If you’ve got time...” and held up the camera. Garth surprised me with how...enthusiastic he was about it. He said, “SURE! oh..rock, yeah!” (Like he did when he ate Lorriane and Charlie’s cooking a while back on their show, ya know? For the Pancake Pantry plug) <BR>He wraps his arm around me as I get my arm around his back and holds me close. His hair tickles, heehee! Then, for some reason, he apologizes for being “so heavy.” <BR>GB: “Ya know, man, ever since I got off the road, it just…(lets his shoulders drop and exhales)”<BR>Me: “aw, nah…it’s your reward.” (I don’t know what I was thinking…forgive me,lol)<BR>But he giggled anyway, thankfully.) :)<P>Then the other guy took the camera for the woman’s pic, but he didn’t get one. She even asked, “You sure?” ...he was like, “yeah.” and waved his hand like “no biggie.”<P>After that, Garth was a couple of feet away from me and I asked, “Oh! One last thing I wanted to ask you. What part did you read for The Green Mile?”<BR>GB: “Oh! The part of that sheriff...where they’re sitting on the porch and he says, “Are you telling me you don’t think he’s guilty?” (in the MOST PERFECT ‘Suthun’ accent. Oowoo!) I smiled..and squinted my eyes, thinking…<BR>Me: ”Gary Senise?”<BR>GB: “Yeah!” <BR>Me: ”oh, cool. It was really good.”<BR>GB: “I haven’t gotten to see it yet. I heard it was long.” <BR>Me: “yeah.”<BR>GB: “I don’t think a movie should be any longer than it takes to read the script, lol.”<BR>Me: “lol...Well, I work at a movie theatre, so I got it in free, so it didn’t matter.” <BR>GB: “How was the Big(*raises up his shoulders, puffs up his chest*) Black dude? ..Was he a good character?”<BR>(of all times, this is when my brain stopped working, lol…I was trying to form a sentence)<BR>Me: “Oh, yeah! He was great. I mean it really...(searching for words)...grabbed your heart, ya know?”<BR>GB: “mmm..Hey, (wide eyed enthusiasm) didn’t you like the woman with the brain tumor who they went to save? oh, she was killing me with her lines, she was hilarious.”<BR>Me: “lol..yeah, she was funny.” <BR>GB: “oh, another movie you guys gotta see (to the three of us). It’s called “Frequency.” About the New York Mets. They take events from the sixties and add to stuff that happens in the nineties, but it keeps changing. Ya know, you think one thing will happen, but something in the sixties changes what happens, and you never know how it’s gonna end.”<BR>Me: “The best kind."<P>Then, unfortunately, lol...he said, "Well, I guess I better let you guys go.” (hint, hint, lol..but he was so sweet)<BR>He hugged the woman from the couple, “Good to see you again.”<BR>Then he hugged me, BIG bear hug #3, “I’ll see ya.” <BR>(“I’ll see ya?” Why not? YAY!!! lol)<BR>I’m pretty sure I was able to get out, “I’ll see ya” as well.<BR>He said, “You keep playing that music.”<BR>Me: “Sure.” :D<BR>...and I walked to my car. He was saying goodbye to the guy as I looked in my rearview mirror and pulled away. (I don’t know if they stayed for a while longer, but Garth had hugged me goodbye, so I didn’t want to be a pest, ya know? lol)<BR>And on the drive home, it was perfect, y'all. ”The Dance” played on the radio. Must have been a sign, er sumpthin, LOL. :)<P>Well, children, Story Time is over, lol. Hope ya enjoyed that. And I hope I didn't make it too confusing with all that dialogue, or anything. <P>Thanks for "listening,"<BR>Nash<P>N

02-11-2000, 07:50 PM
Steph, <P>Very awesome. I am so happy for you. Can't wait for the next 11 days to pass so I will be in FL. Thanks for letting us now about his # for the Mets. Let us know when you get your pics developed.<P>TerriN

02-11-2000, 08:28 PM
GREAT! :) WOW :) WONDERFUL :) <P>I love Garth moments..... He was so nice and it was nice that there wasn't a lot of people there too... Don't you think..<P>Nelly<BR>GArth fans ARE the BEST<BR>Garth fan alwaysN

02-11-2000, 08:55 PM
Great story!!! Don't thank me for listening to it until I thank you for telling it!<P>Deanna<BR>N

02-11-2000, 09:48 PM
Steph...<P>That was awesome!! <P>I was really happy to read some of that stuff!! Especially about Sandy!! :) <P>Thanks for posting that! Glad you got another Garthmoment!!! <P>MoniN

02-12-2000, 01:21 AM
<B>Steph</B>,<P>VERY COOL!! Thanks for repeating your story again in here...LOL <P>It's great to know that Garth is not giving up Chris Gaines ;) He said, "no.. the music is good"! IT IS GOOD INDEED! <P>But I am curious about Chris Gaine's next single though :o Is "Driftin' Away" gonna be released soon? <P><BR>Thanks for sharing!<P>Tommy<P>N

02-12-2000, 03:04 AM
Thanx for the story Nash!<P>How could you remember EVERYTHING? Sounds like Garth had better behave himself with Sandy and the kids taking Tae Kwan Do !N

02-12-2000, 07:58 AM
Hey, me again. Thanks for listening, y'all. :)<P><B>shmlss4gb:</B> I've gotten my picture developed. But, it y'all won't mind, I'd like to keep that for myself. I know it sounds extrememly selfish, but it's kinda personal this time. And it's not such a big deal if you think about it. You guys know what he looks like, right? <P><B>nelty:</B> Yeah, that was one thing I really noticed. No offense to the BIG groups of fans that see him, heck, I've been a part of one or two, lol. But it was very nice. He didn't have to worry about making sure everyone was taken care of, ya know? Just us 3 talking to him...<P><B>honky:</B> I don't know if it will be released or not. I read on here(go figure, lol) that he was quoted as saying IF they were going to look for new Single material, "Driftin Away" is what he would choose. I also believe he mentioned that he liked the video for "Back at One" (B. McKnights' version) and he said it would be cool if "we could do a video of that class." So...all on a hypothetical situation, I just wanted to show him I'm behind him if it does make it out. :)<P><B>redstrokes77:</B> lol, I don't think I quoted him exactly, but...I just jotted down, for all intents and purposes, an "outline" when I had gotten home. Then I worked from that. <P>Nash<BR>N

02-12-2000, 01:27 PM
<B>Steph</B><P>What an AWESOME moment!!! :D :D<P>Very VERY cool :D :D<P>BrianN

02-12-2000, 07:10 PM
<B>Steph</B>,<P>THANKS!! I think it's TIME to release another single!! Not to ROCK and AC, but POP if possible! The teenagers are buying most CDs right now!!<P><BR>TommyN

02-12-2000, 09:25 PM
Nash :)<P>Aren't we lucky to have Garth Brooks for a hero? He is so genuine, so REAL! You have to meet him to believe him! He is the "real deal!"<P>So......he's gonna be #1! :) Fantastico! :)<BR>That's the next best # besides 7 and 77!<P>Really great story! It could never be too long or too boring, so post more if you want! I think you have EVERY detail though! As long as you write it down right away, it'll be with you forever! Thanks for sharing your story with us! :)<P>God Bless.<BR>Amy ;-) N

02-13-2000, 06:31 AM
Steph-<P>THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!<P>I woke up with Garth on my mind the last 2 days - likely because I just recieved some tapes from a friend - lots of stuff from the Central Park promotion, Ireland, Garth and Sandy when she 'gives away' that she calls him "bear" and a tour of the house when it was new, Garth on the Muppets (oh, the Tom Jones impersonation KILLED me!)and Garth and Trisha before Sevens came out - the Tonight Show when G&T sang the video for "In Another's Eyes" and "Walkaway Joe" - so it's been a very Garthy weekend for me - Austin City Limits finally aired last night, too - but for some reason, even after all that Garth - it made me feel better to know someone had actually seen him and talked to him.<P>So - THANK YOU again, Steph - for sharing your moment and taking the time to post it for us - it's the next best thing to being there yourself - hearing about another nutt's moment!<P>I, for one, feel much better, except I had a REAL hard time concentrating in church today, since I read your moment early this morning before I went! I'll be saying a penance for that, I'm sure!!! (hehe)<P>BTW, VERY COOL gifts!<P>I hope to get to Nashville this summer - if you are close I'd love to get together!<P>Thanks again for sharing your moment,<P>KerryN

02-15-2000, 12:49 PM
I'm late getting here, but wanted to thank you for sharing all the details with us. I don't know if my mind would function enough to remember them all coherently.<P>PaulaN

02-19-2000, 08:36 PM
<B>MDgarthgirl,</B><P>wow! ....what a story....congrats! :D :D ....one question: i did not get the thing about Garth being on the Oscars, is he going to just be in the audience, getting an award, then you said something about a movie with George Micheal, Aretha Franklin....or was the Oscar thing and the movie thing seperate things?.....lol....i'm confused..anyway,is it going to be televised?<BR>anyway, again, congrats on your moment! :)<P>aRi<BR>N

02-20-2000, 11:21 AM
WOW, Hey Stephanie, I didn't know you posted your Garthmoment. I just read it now. It is awesome to read, you tell a story wonderfully. I felt like I was really there. THANK YOU a Garthzillion times for getting my cd jacket signed. I can't wait to get it. I still quiver when I think about it. :) Everyone, Stephanie is MY GARTHANGEL. She was under NO obligation to get anything signed for other than herself, but she did anyway. Garthnutts are THE MOST unselfish fans in the world. Just goes to show you, you can have a GARTHANGEL when ya least expect it. :) :) Enjoy your wings Stephanie for you sure deserve it. :) :)<P><BR>Have a Garthriffic day,<BR>Ellie :)N

02-20-2000, 01:39 PM
You're very sweet, <B>Ellie</B>. I was just doing what I said I would try to do. :) Ya know, that Garth Brooks fella has a way of setting an example of following through with things. ;) Must have gotten it from him. *giggle*<P><B>hugeGBnutt:</B> First, lemme apologize for causing any confusion. I'm pretty sure he was saying that he will be part of a musical performance at the Oscars for "Music that has changed the Movies." And that he will be performing such songs as the ones he sang lines from. I would assume the Oscars will be televised as they have been before.<P>Nash<P>N

02-20-2000, 06:45 PM
That was great. I am kinda jealous that I don't have any possible Garth moments anywhere in the near future. *sigh*<P>But for anyone else that does. Congrats...It's a moment in heaven.<P>DeniseN

02-21-2000, 03:32 PM
<B>MDgarthgirl,</B><P>one more question: did you notice if Garth still is wearing a necklace?(i know he had one when he did the Chris Gaines special with a black cord, but then on 'Good Morning America' plus some other shows he had a silver necklace....just wondering) :).....<P>aRiN

02-21-2000, 04:07 PM
<B>aRi:</B> Sorry, can't say I remember seeing a necklace on him. I don't remember feeling one when he hugged me or during the picture, either. <BR>I don't think he was...but, it might have gotten tucked under his shirt collar.<P>NashN

02-21-2000, 09:36 PM
Stephanie,<P>Thanks heaps for posting your fantastic Garth moment. I agree that they can never be too long!<P>Congratulations - TKN

02-29-2000, 06:51 AM
VERY, VERY COOL!!!<P>That was wonderful!! Isn't he just the nicest man? WOW, you are so lucky!!<P>LoriN

02-29-2000, 08:50 AM
Very cool! :)<P>Wish I had read it sooner but the 20 minute thing kept scaring me off. <P>Great descriptives. I could picture everything that was happening in my mind--especially the top of his briefs part. Did you happen to notice what kind they were?<BR>It was great how he mentioned Sandy and how good she looks and how flowers melt her. I love getting flowers also, wish I could get some from him. :) <P>N

02-29-2000, 11:16 AM
*giggle* No, I didn't catch what kind they were, <B>MelMalovesGB4eva</B>. Maybe next time. ;)<P>NashN

02-29-2000, 11:28 AM
Thanks so much for sharing your story! Wow! You sure do have some great memories to cherish forever! :)<P>-KathyN