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03-31-2000, 05:57 PM
Just thought I would share with everyone some news I saw on the net today concerning the Equality Rocks concert in Washington D.C. You will never guess who Garth is going to be doing a duet with--George Michael. That's right. According to George, he wanted to do a duet with someone that would not be expected. They are rumored to sing "Freedom," a song written by George Michael. As we know, George Michael is gay and I like the fact that Garth would do a duet with him. We all know about Betsy and Garth defending her in song and the media. The concert is in April. For anyone wishing to call Washington direct for the Equality Show:<P>Here's the stadium info:<P>The Stadium address is 2400 East Capitol Street, SE<BR>Washington, DC<P>The ticket sales # is 800-551-SEAT.<P> web site has lots of information. <A HREF="http://www.hrc.org/equalityrocks" TARGET=_blank>www.hrc.org/equalityrocks</A> <P>It should be a great show for anyone who will be in the area. <BR>If it wasn't so far away, I would love to check it out. N

04-01-2000, 02:47 PM
I agree with ya...It's great he would sing with George Michael...Why wouldn't he!! I wish I could make it to it too. But I am way to far away....maybe some pics will show up here after it's over.<P>Daf :)<BR>N

04-01-2000, 03:05 PM
Sigh.... I really want to go :( But I have finals in April :(<P><BR>TommyN

04-01-2000, 03:12 PM
Well, I guess it bothers me that people would even think "Oh, how nice of him to sing with the gay guy!" That's the kind of thing I don't think we should even think of. My thought was "Oh, what an interesting mix of musical styles!" It's when we stop identifying people by their sexuality (or race or whatever) that we've won.<P>Like gb-a-holic said, why shouldn't he?<P>Just my thoughts on the matter. It should be fun. Is the concert televised?<P>Garth Always,<BR>DanielleN

04-01-2000, 11:52 PM
Danielle<P>That was also the first thing that hit me :)<P>What an interesting mix of musical styles :D<P>And Freedom is an AWESOME song :)<P>I posted the lyrics other where here in the main forum :) And if you remember the melody it's only going to get even better :D<P>BrianN

04-02-2000, 07:48 AM
For me the fact that George Michael is gay is irrelevant and one of the things we love about Garth is his lack of bigotry.<P>But, undoubtedly he will be criticized again for doing this concert. I can hear it now, "Gawd darn, now that boy's singin' with perverts. First that Chris Gaines thing, then he's cryin' at the Oscars over Whitney Houston, now he's singin' with a homo who got busted in a public bathroom. What next?"<P>So, before the rash of criticism spews forth let me say this. To the narrow minded, uneducated critics, I say...Garth's doing what his enormous heart tells him to do, inspite of what you may think and if more people had a heart like Garth's, this world would be a much nicer place. I only wish the concert was going to be televised too, the two of them singing "Freedom" should be awesome!<P>KEEP DOING WHAT YOU GOTTA DO SWEETHEART!!!<P>Cheryl<BR>N

04-02-2000, 09:36 AM
Yep... I think it's great that Garth could do this kind of things despite of what others would call him. *LOL* I can hear those narrow minded people whining!!<P>TommyN

04-02-2000, 09:14 PM
i am going to that concert and cant wait to see them perform together..should be very cool to seeN