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01-28-1999, 04:39 PM
Well my moment isnt as good or as exciteing as some of the others. But mine happened in July 12, 1998 Garth Brooks Concert in Salt Lake City. I just got to go to my first GB concert. Ive been a fan for many years but my young age and lack of funds kept me from going. I was 13th row to the right of the stage. I know that sounds far off but it was in the Deta Center so I really had a good seat. I was like right at the stage. Thats it my moment. Nothing big and exciteing like the rest. But it was to me.<p>GBFan_WolenczakN

01-29-1999, 02:53 AM
<b>GBfan_Wolenczak</b><p>Thirteenth Row isn't bad at all!!(unless you are supersticious like GARTH) I've been going to concerts since 1964, yeah I know <i>I'm ancient!</i> and I've never had tickets for seats even in the 23rd row. I was in the 200 level, but when Garth pointed at me. Wow!<br>As close as you were, and you were close, trust me...I would like to hear more about your expeience. <br>I'd tell you who I went to see in '64 but if you said "who?" I'd be crushed. :)N

01-29-1999, 05:30 AM
The Concert was like nothing I ever experanced before. It was my first concert f any kind and I enjoyed it alot. My sister was able to get me the tickets Idont know how much she paid for them and I really dont care at this point. But seeing Garth on stae in person was and still is a great dream of mine. For now I want to go to another concert. I am 18 and have been listening to Garth Brooks for the past 9 years of my life. N

01-29-1999, 05:39 AM
Hey great Story!<p>Those are excellent seats! AT the Concert in Philadelphia I was in the nose Bleed Section, just one row from the Tippy Top.....and In Central Park I was far away....However Far I had the greatest time at the concerts!! I am glad you got to experience one also....<p>N

01-29-1999, 06:19 PM
I also have been going to concert for many a years. But when I saw Garth Brooks in Buffalo Ny at Marine Midland Arena we had nose bleed seats, but when you feel his energy and warmth toward the crowd it is very well worth it. I would do it again in a heartbeat knowing that I was in the same building as GARTH BROOKS!!!!!!!!!!N

01-29-1999, 06:45 PM
I feel the same way. I cant wait untill the next concert that I get to go to.<br>N

02-02-1999, 06:23 PM
Odexut--<br> who'd you go see in 64'?.....i'm young but <br> i know my music ;)<br> N

02-10-1999, 02:56 AM
I seen Garth on stage in sydney Australia. It was the best concert I have ever been to. I was at the very front row of the first level. So it was like I was right there with him.N

02-16-1999, 11:37 PM
Sorry I've been away from this end of the forums for a very long time!<P><b>hugeGnutt</b> I think you may have heard of these guys... <i>The Beatles</i><BR>Like <b>GBfan_Wolenczak</b> the tickets were gotten by an older sibling, my big brother. I was 13 years old and it was my Birthday Present from him. Fans broke through the security and ran out onto the field. The police had to tackle everyone and haul them off. I was such a Beatlemaniac that as soon as they started to sing, I started to cry, my brother found this to be very distressing.<P>KathyN

03-03-1999, 11:35 AM
I always get so happy for y'all and jealous at the same time when I read your Garthmoments. I only found this musical wonder of a man last summer! &lt;whimper&gt; But, hey, it's a small world and my only goals in life are to find a career I love, and to meet Mr. Brooks and give him the song I wrote for him. Since I'm only 16, I think I have time.<BR>Here's to many Garthmoments to come for all of us! N