View Full Version : Dream Came True

Glorianne Lowe
12-27-1998, 05:01 PM
I met Garth in October when he came to the Ice Palace in Tampa. It was something I never expected to happen because I had been having enough trouble just trying to get tickets to his concerts (out of 4 tries I've seen him twice)..<p>We spent 40 minutes with him in his dressing room just before the concert. If only I could live those moments again, I'd ask him the questions I couldn't think of at that time.<p>He was wonderful, cordial, and so relaxed with everyone. He asked questions and answered questions openly and honestly. No airs about him. Just Garth. After that night, I can honestly say that he is the type of man I would like to know as a friend. I think he would be fun and sincere as a friend.<p>I hope to meet him again. <br>N

12-27-1998, 09:25 PM
I don't hope to meet Garth again, but I hope to meet him ONCE IN MY LIFE..AT LEAST :D<p>TommyN

12-28-1998, 05:25 AM
Very Cool!<p>I also left my Garth moment with the feeling that it would be so easy to become friends with this man. IF ONLY!!<p>Tell us- how did you manage the backstage passes?N