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10-12-1998, 08:06 PM
Let me just start by saying WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!! :)<p>No, I didnt actually meet him. But, he stood there, right in front of me, looking right at me, and sang to me!!! <p>I had a sign that said "Please Play A Friend to Me". After he did Aint Going Down, he came back out for the "house cleaning" segment of the show. He started off by saying that "there is a request for a song in this section over here".......(as he is saying this, he is walking towards me. I am in section 114 at the side of the stage.....he keeps walking over, and the spotlight goes on me!!!) Then he says how "it is for a song called 'A Friend to Me' from our new Sevens release". (at this point he is standing right in front of me, the spot light is on me, and I'm holding the sign up just as high as I can. Everybody in the section is turning around to look - I was in row U, and I was screaming and jumping up and down!) He says "I havent played this in a very long time so I'm just going to do a piece of it." (Now, mind you, he is looking right at me while he is talking!!! I gave him the thumbs up and he started to play.) I thought that he would go back to center stage front, but no....he stayed there, and he sang right there!!!!! He did most of the song, just left out the middle verse. Then, at the end, he removed his hat and bowed....to me! Major Garthchills!!!! How is it, that in an entire arena full of people, he makes you feel like there is nobody else there??? Wow.....I'm still on cloud 7 and dont plan on coming down anytime soon! <p>Minneapolis was the end of the road for me, the end of this wonderful ride I've been on, my last Garth road trip. (Until the next tour, that is!) It couldnt of ended on a sweeter note. Thank you, Garth. :)<p>CherylN

10-13-1998, 07:47 AM
That is too cool! I bet you felt like you had died and went to heaven.<br>djN

10-13-1998, 01:24 PM
Oh My Garthgoodness!!!!!!! Talk about some Major Garthchills!!!!!!! I got 'em just reading about it!! CONGRATULATIONS CHERYL!!!!!<p>See what happens when ya' keep believin'?!!!N

10-14-1998, 07:46 AM
i was in that section on oct.9 but in row L he did that on that day too. I thought that was real cool of him to do that. it made me wish i had brought a sign!! but the person i was with gave him a thumbs up ha he returned it! so she had the GHarth moment and was not even a fan of his! but now she likes him. This was her frist country concert.<p>Thanks for the great show!!!N

10-14-1998, 12:44 PM
Very cool! :)<p>Congrats Cheryl on ya GARTHmoment. Talk about being on cloud SEVEN! :) I don't know how he does it, but ya right, during those moments he makes ya feel like it's just YA and HIM more matter how small or big the moment is.....how many moments ya have been blessed to have.....it just doesn't matter.<br>He is DA MAN! :) N

10-17-1998, 10:45 AM
YES, YES, YES!!!!<br>I met them man on Ocyober 12, 1998 at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, Trisha Yearwood was doing a auotgraph session at the mall and she also performed, during her performance Garth Brooks made a appearance and performed two songs with her, after they were done singing, security escorted them out a back door of the Northwest Airlines booth in the mall, me and my wife ran down stairs to the transit station and just as we walked around the corner out the back door came Garth and Trisha, and about 20 guards, BUT, me and my wife were the only two down there, and we got to take pictures with the man himself and meet him, it was by far a dream come true, the man is a god to country music.N

10-27-1998, 09:23 AM
Cheryl-<p>All I cansay is Very Cool, Very Cool! <br>You gave ME Garthchills! Thanks so much for helping me remember the day I gat to be in an audience of about 100 and ask questions and have him sing and talk right to me. Thanks so much. That is something I never thought I would forget but your story just made it all come flooding back. Very Cool!<p>PeggyN