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10-01-1998, 12:18 PM
<br>I had the great pleasure of seeing <br>Garth at Key Areana in Seattle, Wa,<br>on two different nights. When I went <br>the second time it was a Saturday <br>night, the night dreams come true. I <br>have to go back a little to explain <br>this. My daughter Alexandria was born <br>on July,8th, 1992 in Columbia, Tn. If <br>your a real Garth fan you also know <br>his oldest daughter Taylor was born <br>the same day in Nashville. While I was <br>pregnet I had some really hard times <br>and had some difficult decisions to <br>make about my baby. Around the same <br>time No Fences was gaining popularity<br>and there was a nifty little song <br>called "UNANSWERED PRAYERS". Wow what <br>a song. When that little girl was born <br>true meaning came to that song. So <br>back to the concert. I had 12th row <br>tickets and a big sign that read "MY <br>UNANSWERED PRAYER BORN JULY 8,1992" I <br>was just hoping Garth would see it. <br>Boy did he see it. He was in the <br>middle of singing when he looked my <br>way so I held up the sign high and <br>sure enough he saw it and nodded. I <br>was so excited because Garth saw my <br>sign. So when he finished the song he <br>stopped the concert. He said he wanted <br>to go back to something he just saw <br>and repeated what my sign said. WOW! I <br>was freaking out. He told the audience <br>the signifigence of July 8,1992 all <br>the while I'm yelling it's Taylors <br>B-Day. He looks out and down at me and <br>says "I know why it's important to me, <br>why is it inportant to you? I'm <br>freaking, I start yelling it's my <br>daughters B-Day and he says I can't <br>hear you come up here. Now I'm really <br>freaking. So I go to the front row and <br>tell him when she was born, where and <br>what time and that she had made Taylor <br>a belated B-Day present that I had <br>already laid on stage and it was in <br>the pile of gifts. So he turns around <br>and sees the B-Day box and turns back <br>to me and says "Well if your daughter <br>made my daughter a present then I <br>guess we need to get your daughter a <br>present." He motioned to a crew member <br>for something to write with, unstraps <br>his guitar and asks how to spell her <br>name. Needless to say I almost <br>couldn't get Alexandria out. So he <br>signed the guitar "Alexandria Happy <br>Birthday Love and Hugs Garth Brooks" <br>and handed me the guitar. My husband <br>had got a camera from a lady in front <br>of us and took the greatest pic of me <br>and Garth. Well Garth looks good I <br>look white as a ghost. Then he kissed <br>my forehead and when I went back to my <br>seat he dedicated Unanswered Prayer to <br>Alexandria and sang it. When he was <br>saying his first good-bye before his <br>encore he said Bye Seattle and looked <br>down at us and said don't forget to <br>tell that little girl I said Happy <br>Birthday. So theres the story of <br>Garth, his guitar and a little girl.N

10-01-1998, 02:57 PM
That is a wonderful story.....I was getting goose bumps reading it! Wow! What a memory you have!! :)N

10-01-1998, 03:47 PM
Wow.....VERY COOL!!! Ya know, your story is kinda famous....someone else at the same show as you mentioned the whole incident right after it happened. I dont remember if it was here or on the GarthBox, but I sure do remember reading about it. Thanks for letting us all hear about it first hand! :) Wow.....does your daughter have any idea what a special gift that was? I'm sure she will someday! What a lucky little girl, not to mention her very GarthBlessed momma!N

10-01-1998, 05:00 PM
Yes, your story is famous. I originally heard about it from my brother, who at work talks to people in Seattle, who happened to mention they went to a GB concert the night before and they mentioned your story. Neat huh?N

10-01-1998, 05:43 PM
WOW!!!! What a lucky girlie you are. (....and your daughter too.) I must agree...I had "garthbumps" reading it too. Consider yourself lucky if'n you just looked a little white. I'm afraid I wouldn't have been standin'. HEHE. Thanks so much for the story. By the way, mine was born in '93 and she just loves Garth. (so does my three year old.) What did your daughter say? Mine woulda' gone almost as crazy as her mamma. LOL. Thanks again. CrickettN

10-01-1998, 08:36 PM
In answer to some of the questions. Being only 6 she doesn't know the value of it quite yet but she has always loved Garth. When she was a little baby only Garth and Harry Chapin could lul her to sleep. The story kind of spread like wild fire here in Seattle. Both country stations interviewed me, a local TV station came out to the house and did a story with Alex and The Seattle Times wrote an article. Funny I myself heard the story from other people that didn't know at first it was me that got it. My Aunt that lives in South Carolina heard a local station talking about it and called in to say it was her niece. I guess a story like this spreads everywhere.N

10-02-1998, 03:09 AM
You have GOT to be kidding?He actually kissed your forhead?????I would have definetly passed out,if not had a heartattack.I told my mom if I ever go to a concert I'm going to make a sign like that and if he calls me up on stage I'll just say that I wrote it 'cause I wanted to talk to him.hahahaha!Great story. Thx for sharing!N

10-02-1998, 07:35 AM
Hey, I was at that concert in Seattle. It was awesome. I saw you get that guitar, I got major Garthbumps watching. Thanks for posting that. I was wondering who you were. Also I'm glad you posted it because from where I was I couldn't hardly understand him. I knew right away what that date was for and informed those around me. lol I was at the Friday night concert too, btw. I think I would have definitely been rendered speechless and rooted to my spot if that happened to me. :) Have a great day everyone. :)N

10-02-1998, 11:24 AM
That is such a great story!! :)<p>I also had heard about from somewhere else, but reading it in your words made it all that much more special!!<p>Thanks for sharing!! :)<p>Mary Lou<p><br>N

10-04-1998, 08:04 PM
A great story. I'm glad you shared it with us here first hand on PG forums :)N

10-05-1998, 07:38 AM
Unanswered Prayer ---<p>Unbelievable !!! And absolutely fantastic !!! I think it's wonderful, thanks for sharing the moment !N

10-05-1998, 05:33 PM
one word:LuCkY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!N

10-12-1998, 05:46 PM
I'm curious---how far away were you sitting and how big was your sign? I am going to one of the Orlando concerts and I want to make a sign but I am sitting up high (row M of upper level--but facing the stage). Thanks!!! alexisN

Sarah in oz
10-20-1998, 03:39 AM
What a wonderfull night this was for you. And your daughter of course.<br>I share a bithday with Garth's youngest daughter, Allie. 28th July. There's a few years difference (O.K a few decades).<p>I'M so glad you shared this with us.<br>N

11-09-1998, 07:51 PM
Thanks to everyone who posted a reply and sent me personal e-mail.<br>I'm truly happy that some people got the true meaning of what an awesome experience that was.<br>Alot of people I've met want to know what I'll sell it for. They just don't get it at all! You can't put a price on something that's not for sale and I don't mean the guitar.<br>Thanks again to everyone!N