View Full Version : Is there a Susan from San Diego here?

05-08-2000, 04:23 PM
WKLB just played When You Come Back to Me Again, and the DJ said it was an email request from Susan from San Diego...woooooooohoooooo! Thanks, Susan!<P>PaulaN

05-08-2000, 04:59 PM
Dj emailed me friday and said he would play it!!!very cool.kson played it!! Oh your dj Paula is great.I am so happy he played it and kson!!! Email <A HREF="http://www.kson.com" TARGET=_blank>www.kson.com</A> and request....Tommy!!!!!! SusanN

05-08-2000, 10:01 PM
Susan,<P>YOU'VE GOT REQUEST!! I request the song for you.. so keep an eye on it ;)<P><BR>TommyN