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05-08-2000, 01:04 PM
It’s not unusual for people to respond strongly and immediately to a Garth Brooks song. It’s not even unusual for radio stations to play a Garth song that isn’t being promoted as a single. What is out of the ordinary about “When You Come Back To Me Again,” Garth’s song in the Dennis Quaid movie Frequency, is that it made it onto the radio and the charts even though it does not appear on an album. There is no single, and the movie doesn’t have a soundtrack. Radio stations pulled the audio tracks from Garth’s video of the song, now in heavy rotation on CMT and Great American Country. “When You Come Back to Me Again” charted this week at #59 in Billboard (the highest debut single of the week) and #46 in Gavin. <BR>N

05-08-2000, 01:08 PM
WOW!!! Highgest debute on Gavin chart :)<P><BR>Great!!!<P><BR>TommyN

05-08-2000, 01:15 PM
I am going to die if I dont hear this song soon! I just have no way to hear it. I think one of my Garthangels is sending me the video and I hope it gets here soon.(If she didnt forget) I am the only person here who hasnt heard this song. My radio station is so stupid they probably dont know how to pull the audio track from the video!!!!!N

05-08-2000, 01:27 PM
Very cool :)<P>BrianN

05-08-2000, 04:18 PM
Cool :D Thanks for the news :)N