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03-20-2000, 09:59 AM
<P> Wow, no one has posted here for a wile I see.<P> Well I just wanted to share a (just one)<BR>thought with you guys and find out what you<BR>think.<P> Garth will retire (in a way), I do not think we will be hearing from Garth as <BR>country music is conserned after the next<BR>CD comes out at the end of the year. That will be it.<BR>However I think we will have Chris pop<BR>to look foward to over the coming years.<P> Did Pat Quigly (spelling?) not say, somthing to the effect of, Garth telling him<BR>that " We have always filled a need for Garth, but we have to create a need for Chris".<BR>This statment comes from the Charlie Rose<BR>Garth interview show from a month or so back.<P> Just consider, if we love and need Garth<BR>music but we only have Chris, we go with<BR>Chris of course. Having Chris music is a<BR>great deal Better then not having Garth music at all, right?<P> As far Baseball and chaities, an appearence now and then, I am sure we will<BR>from time to time get to see and hear Garth, But I do think he will lay low for some time and create stuff, you know write songs, produce films etc. and stay home with <BR>Sandy and the girls .<P> Of course I could be sooooooo off base .<P>CR.<BR> <BR> N

03-20-2000, 09:41 PM
If he really does retire as Garth and continue as Chris, well that would be a commercial suicide :(<P>I really REALLY hope that he doesn't think about that. otherwise ALL the critics who said he was leaving country for pop will be right, and he will get a bad, bad treatment in the press :o<BR>Hmm, I also think he has said that he was not leaving country fpr pop :)<P>And yes! You guys will always get to see Garth, if does ST or TV appearances.<P>I would be quite surprised if he all of a sudden decided to do something for his fans outside USA, since that's not his policy :(<P>BrianN

03-21-2000, 07:43 AM
<P> Ok, can we have Chris pop and Garth country<BR>all at the same time? could they both have<BR>seperate careers, just as though they were<BR>too people having nothing to do with one another?<P> CR. N

03-21-2000, 09:45 PM
Yes! That is possible :)<BR>It's just if Garth want it though :)<BR>We have to wait and see I think :)<P>BrianN

03-22-2000, 03:10 AM
Call me Greedy, I want both, too!<P>Picture a Garth/Chris duet!!!!!<P>debN

03-23-2000, 02:39 PM
Garth will not be Chris Gaines, If Garth retires he will write songs, do movies, maybe a little acting, tons of charity work, and I am sure the Grand Ole Opry, plus other public appeareances at times, mainly ones like the civil rights concert and stuff. ike Garth said he is not just retiring for family he wants to pursue other things and it is not being Chris Gaines.N