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02-13-2000, 08:50 AM
I stood in line for tickets in 90+ degree weather for over 6 hours just to get tickets. They sold out in less then 20 min's. Garth stayed for several days so all that were in line could see one of his concerts. What a wonderful thing! I wish him and his family well in what ever they decide and I'm grateful that I got a chance to see him in concert. Thanks Garth for the memories. : )N

02-13-2000, 05:51 PM
Welcome to PG Holly :)<BR>Don't give up hope, he's not gone yet and there is rumour that he's having second thoughts :) It's just that, rumour, but we are all hoping it's true. Some are not as fortunate as you and I, to have seen him in concert, so with alot of hope maybe they'll get their chance. We need to pray and cross our fingers :)<BR>-Susan-N

02-16-2000, 12:47 AM
Is this the same Holly I went to school with at Marshwood in '98?<BR> JoeN

02-23-2000, 10:25 PM
Holy,<P>Welcome to PG :D<P>Good thing is that I had my friend to buy the ticket for me :o I live in Vancouver and the concert was at Seattle!<P>TommyN